Monday, April 12, 2010

Our First Good Shepherd's Garden Party : The Good Shepherd's Pasture

We had our first Good Shepherd's Garden Party on Friday evening and it was enjoyed by everyone!  The children all choose one of the menu items to help me prepare and we had the table all set and ready for when Hubby arrived home from work.  Here are a few pictures from our party:

FYI:  It's not a good idea to ask your son to bring you the iron and plug it in, before making sure that it is in the upright position.  It might just burn a hole right through your new vinyl easter themed table cloth... I'm just sayin! ;)  Thankfully we were able to hide it under one of the plates! 

~ Mini Shepherd Pies ~ 

These were SO good!  I pretty much followed the recipe, substituting corn for the peas and carrots.  It made me laugh when Hubby said, "These are really good, but do they come in a size large?!"  

~ Shepherd's Crooks ~ 

~ God's Sheep in a Sheepfold ~

~ Graham Cracker Gates ~ 

Rascal really enjoyed making the Graham Cracker Gates! 

~ Ewe and Ram Cupcakes ~ 

The girls had so much fun decorating all the Ewe and Ram cupcakes!  

~ Lamb's Wool ~ 

The Lamb's Wool Punch turned out pretty good... Even my picky little Snuggles kept asking for more!

~ Wolf Paw Cookies ~ 

I apparently purchased Voortman's Shortbread Cookies, instead of the Iced Almonette, but they still turned out looking like Wolf Paws! 

I must say that having a weekly party is SO. MUCH. EASIER.  than trying to provide an extra activity every day. I am so glad we made this change for our family this year!  My children are already looking forward to our second Good Shepherd's Garden Party later this week.

Don't forget to head over to Catholic Cuisine to share pictures from your party!


  1. It all looks delicious and so much fun!

  2. Very nice Jessica! Your table looks so festive.

    I had the same remarks about the shepherd pies...they were really good.

  3. Beautiful!

    I like the weekly celebration/activity day vs. the daily activities.

    Thanks again for all you share!

    Pax Christi - Lena

  4. Looks like so much fun!!!

  5. What a cute tablecloth! I looked all over for one with no luck. I'm sorry to hear it got damaged. :(

    I love how your rams turned out. Very cute. It's so nice when the children get old enough that you can set them up with a project to help out. It's good for them and good for you. :)

    I think our two favorites were the mini sheperds pies and the wolf paws. I don't think I'll wait till next Easter to make them again. Yum!

    Thank you so much Jessica for organizing this with Charlotte. May God bless you both!

  6. You always set such a beautiful table, Jessica! I love all of your tiered trays =)

  7. I agree with Sarah, you always make your table look so lovely! I will need to start investing in some nicer party ware! And I'm with Snuggles...we all loved the Lamb's Wool, too! I wasn't sure if the kids would like it...but they kept asking for more! Thanks again for all of the preparation!

  8. The cupcakes are so cute and I love the pastel berries around the candle.


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