Monday, April 5, 2010

The Easter Story with Playmobil

Just like last year, the boys reenacted the Way of the Cross with some of their Playmobil toys.

~ On Good Friday ~ 

~ On Holy Saturday ~

I woke up to find that Jesus was now in the "tomb"  (aka: The Stone Table from their Narnia toys) and guarded by Roman Soldiers

~ Easter Morning ~ 

After the children went to bed, and I was setting up all the Easter decorations, I moved the Playmobil toys to the top of the piano keyboard (not knowing that the boys had their own plans) so I could set up the Easter Books, Alleluia letters and Resurrection set.  That did not discourage the boys from setting up their own Resurrection scene on Easter morning! 

In spite of the fact that they are made from plastic, I just love Playmobil!


  1. so cute and creative and so BOY. I love it.

  2. Happy Easter Jessica! This is just AWESOME! The kids are still playing with the Christmas Playmobil sets they got. I actually looked to see if I could find an Easter set. I'll have to research the Narnia set. Where did you get Jesus carrying his cross? I hope you are all well! Love, Lori

  3. Comparing the pictures to last year, my boys used a different figure to represent Jesus, and when I asked them they said that they used St. Joseph from their new Christmas set. As for the cross, I am not sure where that came from, I think it may have went with one of our statues, but has since been given to our little wooden saint Helen.

  4. Oh so cool! Playmobil rocks...

  5. Great job, boys! I love the image of the Risen Jesus, triumphing over death and waving His banner! Awesome!

  6. From Playmobil lovers in the east, our children would wholeheartedly agree with this wonderful and imaginative post! We use our playmobil collection to reenact everything, wonderful collections to behold. Great job boys!

  7. Cool idea, cool execution.


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