Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chocolate Nests for Easter

On Holy Saturday, while the boys were at the Rink for their Hockey lessons, the girls and I started making our Easter Treats.  We started with making some Chocolate Nests.  They were so easy, turned out cute, and were loved by everyone on Easter Sunday!


1 bag Chow Mein Noodles
1 Bag Light Cocoa Candy Melts
1 bag of Egg shaped Candy 
(We used Speckled Jordan Almonds)
1 package of Peeps (optional)


Melt Candy in Microwave or Double Boiler.

I'm including this picture just so I can point out my new apron, which I recently found at Pier 1 Imports... Isn't it CUTE!?!  

Mix the melted chocolate into the chow mein noodles.

Shape into nests and top with candy eggs and peeps.

Try to decide which one you are going to have on Easter! ;) 


  1. So cute Jessica! I like art that doubles as dessert and that calls for only a few ingredients. Perfect!

  2. I love that apron! I have a thing for aprons, sigh. And those look like fun to make, I bet the kids ad a blast eating them too!

  3. We made these a few years back and every year my kids ask to make them again... I really need to do that for them next year. I used peanut M&Ms. A friend of mine made them for a farm birthday party and got all her Peeps and pastel candies after Easter for next to nothing. Smart mom! :)
    Your apron is so pretty. I have a pink and brown floral one that is similar and it's like putting on a nice dress when I use it.


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