Friday, March 19, 2010

S is for Symbolic Shapes

*I hope your all having a very Blessed Feast of St. Joseph.  I'll be back a little later tonight to post picture's of our St. Joseph Altar for the Blog Fest


  1. Very pretty breads!! And are they edible? I think I read somewhere that sometimes decorative breads on St. Joseph Altars are just for decoration and aren't edible...

  2. Erin ~ From what I read, the Traditional Breads in Symbolic Shapes are edible, where as usually the Symbolic Pastries are usually inedible and made with fig. Anyhow, ours were edible! :) What I ended up doing was just defrosting a bag of frozen dinner roll dough for the girls to use which made it SO quick and EASY!! :)

  3. that is a delightful idea, and a great teaching moment.


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