Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Highlights from "S" Week

~ Letter Formation ~

The girls made the letter S with Modeling Wax, HWT Wooden Pieces, and on paper.

~ Strawberry Fairy Coloring Pages ~

They also colored from the The Flower Fairies Alphabet Coloring Book while listening to A Flower Fairy Alphabet on CD.

~ Picture Book Science ::  S is for Sea Shells and Sea Stars ~

We worked on some of the mini books included in a lap book on Sea Stars using from Homeschool Share.

~ Picture Study ::  S is for Stars ~

From Museum ABC's book and nesting blocks.
While on the topic of Stars we also read The Sky Is Full of Stars.

~ S is for Saints ~

Here is our hand-painted St. Sharbel for with An Alphabet of Catholic Saints.

The girls colored St. Sharbel Coloring Pages from Catholic Artworks and completed some copywork, which I created at Writing Wizard using the quote from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints.

Our Homeschool Group's All Saints Fair fell at a perfect time, and we also celebrated the feasts of St. Patrick (with Saints, Shamrocks, and Six Smiling Sweeties!) and made Symbolic Shapes in honor of St. Joseph.

We also Spray painted a Shelf for our Saints!

My friend Marci knew I've been looking for something, and found this tray at Good Will for $4.00.  The girls helped me spray paint it Gold and we hung it on our school room wall.  I think it turned out cute!

Many, many, months later, I still have 4 saints to go...  Getting close! 

~ S is for States ~

The girls enjoyed staying up late one night to play States & Capitals Sequence.

~ S is for Sewing ~

The girls Stitched, Stuffed, and Served up some Super fun Felt Sweets!

~ S is for Sunflowers ~

I downloaded and printed The Story of the Sunflower Coloring Book for the girls to color while learning about sunflowers.  We then decorated some Sunflower Cupcakes for Sunday. 

Sunflower Cupcakes

~ S is for Strawberries ~

Slicing Strawberries

Strawberry-Coconut Tres Leches Trifle

I posted the recipe at Catholic Cuisine, for those of you that have requested it for Easter!

We are busy Spring Cleaning this week, and next week is Holy Week, so the girls won't be starting "T" Week until next month... That should give them plenty of time to finish the rest of their sewing! 


  1. oh those sunflower cupcakes are so darling...where did you get the little frosters for the little ones to use..??

  2. Thanks Josette! They are actually just little plastic bags with the corner snipped off. :) They worked perfectly!

  3. Wow! You are lucky to find that great tray for the saints. I have been racking my mind trying to think of a good way to display/store ours!

  4. The shelf you painted for your saints turned out beautifully! And I like that felted sewing kit ... My girls would have such fun with that!

  5. what a great week! I'm starting your Alphabet Path with my 4 year old after Easter! :)

  6. I love the tray you made for the saints! Such a great find! The food looks way too yummy...what is the center of the sunflower cupcakes?

  7. You are so nice! I thought you really did just do Spring cleaning for S week,,,hehe.

  8. Kelly~ The center of the sunflowers was made with one side of an Oreo! I've been amazed at all the things we've been able to make with Oreos while doing the Alphabet Path! :)

    I am excited about the converted tray/shelves for the saints too. I had just ordered something else that I was going to try, a couple days before Marci found the tray for me, but it hasn't arrived yet. Once it does, and if they fit, I'll let you all know about it.

  9. You are so talented and organized. We really need to get back on track with our Alphabet Path. I hope you don't mind us using some of your ideas. Everything looks so yummy, even the felt sweets!

  10. Oh! I wanted to add that the small sunflowers were made with mini Oreos. :)

  11. Hi dear mother!

    I just love all the pictures! How fun and beautiful to learn like this!

    Specially the Sewing pictures.. I just love it!

    Thank you for inspiring me with your love for your family and time for this blog!
    God bless!

    Julie from Brazil

  12. I can't wait to make that desert for Easter, it looks so yummy!

    Great job!


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