Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Shepherd's Garden Printables

Head over to Charlotte's blog for a downloadable set of Good Shepherd Garden Symbols!

My children are all very excited that, in addition to our sticker calendar, they can each have their "VERY OWN to COLOR!" They are already anxiously counting down the remaining days until Easter, so they can get started.


  1. 2016-04-13 03:04:38

    So I was not able to purchase a copy of the calendar (can't find any for sale). I appreciate Charlotte's version which I printed, but is there a booklet that came with the calendar to explain the symbols? Any way I can get help on what symbols to put on when and the meaning? This idea sounds so cool and exactly what I have been looking for! We have so many resources for Lent, but not for Easter!

  2. I am on the same boat. I found these posts and love the idea. Can’t find the calendar anywhere and wish I had the booklet. Let me know if you got an answer somehow.


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