Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pictures from Last Weekend...

~ Hockey Lessons ~

~ Homemade Hockey Jerseys ~

I didn't start making plans for his birthday last Sunday, until the day before, which resulted in a very late night.  (It is much harder to get things done with a little one who likes to eat all the time!)  Anyhow, when I ran out for a few groceries Saturday night, I found a couple red shirts on clearance and decided to try and make the boys a couple Washington Capitals "jerseys."

I just printed the team logo, and a few numbers, onto iron-on transfer paper and ironed them on...

When I gave the boys their shirts after Mass, Rascal was SO SO SO excited!  He especially loved the fact that his had a number 8 on the back, which is also the number for his favorite player on the Capitals!

The boys put their new shirts on immediately and we all sat down to watch the Capitals game online.

The boys have been wearing them practically non-stop all week!  Since Snuggles really wanted a Hockey shirt too, we had to improvise... lol!  I was wishing I would have made him a matching shirt too... Next time!

~ Hockey Game and a Concession Stand Lunch ~ 

As soon as the game ended (the Capitals won!) I had lunch ready.

On the Menu:

Hot Dogs wrapped in foil
Nachos (with homemade cheese sauce)
Soft Pretzels
Sports Drinks

Served on black paper Hockey Puck Plates

~ Birthday Cake ~ 

The kids was so excited that their Grandma and two of their uncles (my youngest two brothers) were able to stay for cake when they stopped by with a gift. 

For the cake I just used a couple boxed cake mixes and decorated it with some guys from the boys Hockey game.  I did make a homemade Chocolate Hazelnut filling (using Nutella) which was so yummy! 

~ Opening Gifts ~

~ NHL Bingo ~ 

After cake we played NHL Bingo!

Originally I found these hockey bingo cards, but decided I wanted to use the team logos instead so I made my own using an online Bingo Card Generator.  You can print the ones I made here.  Black M&M's make perfect little markers pucks for playing!
Everyone had lots of fun. 

Happy Birthday Rascal!  
We sure love you!


  1. It looks like he had a great birthday! I can't believe how big he is getting... I am totally spacing on his blog name, but your oldest (:)) is looking more and more like his dad!

  2. Happy Birthday Rascal! Go Caps! Woo-hoo! Great job on the birthday party theme Jessica!

  3. You are SO CREATIVE!! What a wonderful birthday!! Great ideas!

  4. You are such a good momma! I love to be creative with my children's birthdays... so much fun to see their delighted faces. Your children are beautiful! (Um, sorry, boys, I mean handsome ;)

    Have a relaxing Sunday! JMJ

  5. I love, love, love the NHL bingo game & the little black M&Ms as hockey pucks...excellent! Great job.:)

  6. You must have been up sooo late! Everything came out so nice! The boys look so happy with their jerseys and like they're having fun playing hockey. Our youngest also likes everything just like his big brothers :)

  7. Oh my goodness that looks like a great party! My little guy loves hockey and the Caps - you may have inspired a birthday idea for May...

  8. They are so cute in their hockey gear!!! Wish I could have been there for his bday :)

  9. Excellent! Someone emailed me this post because I'm a Caps fan down here in Austin, having practically grown up at the old Capital Center in Landover (those were the days, despite the great Ovechkin!) God bless you and your family and GO CAPS!


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