Wednesday, January 20, 2010

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Massachusetts

"B's the sound that can be found in
Boston town and Bunker Hill,
and bouncy, bouncy Basketball,
played first in Springfield --

What a thrill!"

B is also for Brown!!

We ended our study of by listening to his victory speech last night.
Way to go Massachusetts!!

Captain and Rascal read the book on their own, before we read it all together, and they came and asked me to help them pronounce the name of a lake.  I told them to sound it out and then took a look:

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

Thank goodness for YouTube!

This project has been slow going, but it has been so much fun to learn all sorts of fun details about each state as we work our way through the Discover America Books!  We better pick up the pace though if we want to finish even half of the states this year... It's looking like this is going to end up being a two year project for the boys.

Next up is Maryland...


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was just wondering how the scrapbooks were going. I've been inspired to start this project with my oldest too!

  2. keeping all these things in mind when the kids get a bit older. :)

  3. They are doing such an awesome job!!

  4. Hey Jessica,
    Tell the boys awesome job!
    We are doing Massachusetts this week too!

    What is the picture on the right side of Captain's pages?


  5. The boys say Thanks! :: grin ::

    Angela ~ Captain wanted to draw a picture of a boat filled with people watching a whale. We had been studying the Ocean as well for "O" week, and the letter G in M is for Mayflower talked about whale watching in Gloucester.

  6. Hi Again,
    I meant to add: Thanks for the link on how to pronounce that lake name. Lil Guhl appreciated it.


  7. Hi Jessica! We live in New Mexico, so if you'd like, I can send a few postcards and things like that from here. Let me know! :)


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