Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scenes from Christmas Day :: Baby's 1st Christmas

Home from Mass

Momma and Baby

Taking Turns

Not very interested in her stocking...
A good thing too, since somebody forgot to get much for in it!

Another picture of our sleeping baby!

Our favorite gift this year... Our little Christmas Rose!


  1. I love how excited your kids are about their new little baby sister. You're obviously raising them right :)

  2. Cher baby! (pronounced Shaa)

    That's cajun for "so freaking cute I can't stand it".


  3. What great pictures! Snuggles looks quite pleased with his new baby sister! JMJ

  4. She is so cute! We had a baby's
    1st Christmas in our home this year. It's so sweet to just watch them look at everything. Snuggles looks so proud of his new baby sister.

  5. Hi Jessica. All of your Christmas pictures are adorable! You are doing such a wonderful job in your domestic church! Speaking of the least you remembered to have one for little Rose :) Oh and we LOVE Snuggles in the bouncy seat;) I can remember Buck leaned back eating popcorn in Honeybee's. Thanks for the memory. Love, Lori


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