Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scenes from Christmas Day :: Around Our Home

Our Christmas Mantle

The Christmas Tree
At 4am Snuggles was running up and down the hall waking up all of his siblings...
They were all sent back to bed until morning! ;)

Another nativity set up under the tree,
reminding us of the very best gift on Christmas!

Stuffed Stockings

Advent Candles replaced with our Christ Candle

A close up of the baby Jesus placed inside a little niche we carved from the candle


  1. Dear Jessica,
    It must have been a beautiful day filled with wonderful family memories.
    God Bless

  2. Oh, I'm sure you must tire of this question, but where did you get the lovely stockings? My MIL made one for my daughter (with cute reindeer, sigh - love the Nativities and Angel!) but mama and papa still need them. :>) Thanks!

  3. Beautiful pictures... the stockings are gorgeous!

  4. I LOVE the Christ candle. What a great idea! I also love the stockings. Do you remember where you found them?

  5. It was a beautiful day!! I still have more photos to post too! =)

    Lenetta & Kelly ~ Being the perfectionist that I am, I often wish the stocking all matched (in size etc- no the decorations) but they are pretty aren't they?! The boys all have Nativity Stockings and the girls have Angel Stockings. Hubby bought Captains from a department store ( I think Meier & Franks) when he was a baby, and we have slowly added to the collection as we have had more children. Thankfully I ran across an Angel stocking on clearance a year or so ago and that ended up being Rose's stocking. (I had forgotten all about it and was worried that I couldn't find one for her... It HAS been difficult to find them!)

    However, a few weeks ago I DID find another beautiful Angel stocking at JCPenny's. Here is the link.

  6. Pretty! It looks peaceful and warm!


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