Monday, January 11, 2010

Highlights from "N" Week

~  Nasturtium Fairy Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book
(While looking at the Flower Fairies Alphabet book and listening to the CD!)

~ Picture Book Science :: N is for ummmm.... Nothing!   ~

We were too busy getting ready for the feast of St. Nicholas! 

~ Picture Study :: N is for St. Nicholas  ~

Using this drawing tutorial!

~ N is for St. Nicholas ~

Our Painted Saint Nicholas,
for with An Alphabet of Catholic Saints
and you can print the copy work we used here.

~ N is for New Testament ~

The boys worked on finishing their New Testament Lap books for History during "N" week.  I'll try and post pictures of their finished Lap books soon! 

~ N is for Night Prayers ~

I just LOVE the book God's Alphabet and have decided to incorporate it into the remainder of our Alphabet Path journey this year.  Like the Picture Dictionary we added to our home collection as one of our O Antiphon treats, this book had been recently reprinted, and was originally published back in 1938!

I ended up making a coloring page using a Precious Moments image and the Quote from God's Alphabet for the letter N:

N is for Night Prayers
which faithfully say
 and angels will guard you until it is day!

Over our Christmas break the girls also enjoyed working on Lydia's latest coloring pages to add to their notebooks as well!

~ Crafts ~

St. Nicholas Makeover

A couple more crafts made at our Home School Craft Day:

~ Serendipi-Tea time ~

St. Nicholas Hot Cocoa Mix

We've been making this for years now, and it is always a favorite activity!  

St. Nicholas Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated with White and Red Frosting, Coconut,
 Chocolate Chips, Red Hots, and Mini Marshmallows

St. Nicholas Cookies

Using this recipe from Catholic Cuisine. 

We ended the week by Celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas!! 


  1. Jessica, You are amazing, and your children are just beautiful. Hope you are relaxing and enjoying that beautiful baby. You will be back up to speed soon, probably sooner than most... your children (and husband) are blessed with the time and effort (and love!) you seem to put into everything!


  2. You're truly amazing! Where did you get the cookie cutter for the St. Nicholas cookies?

  3. Thank you both! I'm not sure how I am going to manage to continue the Alphabet Path with a new baby, but we will see how it goes! :o)

    Kelly ~ I purchased the Cookie Cutters from the St. Nicholas Center and I love them! Here's the link.

  4. Yay, I'm so glad you are still ahead of me to give me good ideas! We're doing N this week :)

  5. This is great Jessica!! We had to take a break from our Alphabet path, but I hope to pick it up again in a few weeks!

  6. Thank you for continuing to inspire me! I also took a break from the Alphabet Path (morning sickness) but now we're going to try and get back on. I appreciate the time you take to post these. They're a big help!

  7. Dear Jessica,
    Love following your blog. Had to write because your little snuggles I could just eat up. Loved the pouting picture!! That is a classic. God Bless!

    Maureen from Maine

  8. Cute! Your kids are just plain cute!


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