Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Reality...

Today Hubby went back to work and we are also back to school. 
Sigh.  It has already been a crazy day and it is only 10:00....

Hope your Monday is off to a better start! 


  1. Love the picture!!! Happy Monday!!!

  2. Oh,Jessica-I know!!
    My husband works 14 hoers today,bless his heart.
    I just recently stepped on a french toast,the freezer leaks and my youngest came into the kitchen with the most wonderful happy smile on her little face,she found her Christmas angel doll from the bottom of my before -so very-very -tidy Christmas decorations box.Yikes ! I knew I should have taken them out of sight..Now i have to start over again,as soon as I get the strawberry syrup of my shoe :)
    Have a wonderful day my dear !

  3. Do you have a story behind the picture?

  4. Isn't the picture great!?! It makes me laugh every time I look at it. :o)

    It was taken at the baby's baptism, while we were trying to get a family picture. Apparently he did not want to smile for the camera! (That is why Hubby picked him up and is holding him in the actual family picture.)

    Snuggles started doing this little pout around Christmas. (I posted another, not nearly so dramatic, picture taken on Christmas day.) I'm not totally sure where he picked it up, but I have a pretty good idea... lol!

    Emma! I'll be saying a prayer for YOU!! My day doesn't seem nearly as crazy now! Hope you have a wonderful day too!!

  5. LMBO! That has to be the funniest pic I have seen in quite a while! It can be interpreted in so many ways. My hubby finally went back to work last week after his accident and being off 6 weeks. He is gone from home for 13 hours a day, 5-7 days a week. The girls and I have school, gymnastics, karate, girl scouts, 4-h shooting sports, youth group (I'm their leader in 5 of those things). Super busy...but super amazing! God Bless!!

  6. Wanna guess what the Holy Spirit's been speaking to my a bright flashing lights kind of way?


    It doesn't all have to be done in a day...really.

    Last week we did the basics.

    Today we added in history.

    Alphabet Path resumes next week, in a low key way.

    Saying a prayer for you!

  7. You're in my prayers. My husband returns to work tomorrow.

  8. I know the feeling! Hang in there...that is what I'm trying to do! First days are always a little hard. Love the picture!!!

  9. haha! Yes, we went back today too. I feel Snuggles pain. I looked like this by lunch time I think. :)

  10. I feel you!!! ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  11. I thought my Monday was going to be this bad...but it's turned out to be okay so far! I'm planning on making a fruit bouquet arrangement for my Mom's 50th birthday tomorrow, and then I have to start planning for my daughter's first birthday party (in another state!) Hope your day turned out to not be so bad as well;)

  12. Oh Jessica, that is hilarious.

    Tell Snuggles I often feel the same exact way!

  13. Jana Jae ~ I posted it on Facebook last week asking friends to help me with a caption... My favorite was

    "Oh Woe is Me... I'm no longer the baby!"

    Another friend said that it looked like Hubby was winding him back up, and yet another said that it looked like his batteries had died! lol!

  14. Oh and thanks for the advice Aimee! I will indeed need to Simplify, that is FOR SURE!!

    My day DID get better, and we have even had a dinner dropped by from a friend! Not many signed up to bring dinners after this baby (Christmas is not the best time for that sort of thing) but the timing has been PERFECT on the days we have been brought dinner! God knew, of course, when I would need the most help!

  15. Oh, that picture! So adorable and so expressive. My daughter is about his age right now, such a fun time as they get more and more expressive!

    Blessings on you all as you adjust again to school, Daddy at work and a beautiful new baby!

  16. I know just how he feels... sometimes I feel like batteries are dead, too!

  17. L.O.L. My kids do that too!

    With a new baby, I would sit on the sofa, nursing, and have them sit beside me to read---history, or whatever. The only way to survive was to do anything that could be done on the sofa!

    That must be why we used to have a sofa in our schoolroom.

  18. Oh Jessica! I just love the slouch. I've seen my 2 1/2 year old perfect this. It's very comical - for the time being.

    I had a rough morning yesterday too, but when we finally all made it to the couch, had a brief prayer to recollect ourselves, and then we started in on reading time (history, phonics, reading lessons, religion, story books, etc). A great solution to many problems.

    I also just started with the basics last week (math, phonics), adding history this week. Next week, we hope to be more up to speed. Isn't it great to be flexible!?!

    God bless your day!

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