Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amy's hosting an auction...

... for this beautiful St. Therese Doll,
just like the one she made for Rose which is such a treasure! 

The proceeds will be donated to help Marci's daughter,
so please hop on over and consider placing a bid.


  1. Thank you so much Jessica! The bidding is up to $50 now!

  2. J+M+J
    What an awesome group of friends I have to do this for me and Punky. I woke up this morning, and saw what AMY was doing and that a few of you had helped promote it on your own blogs. Thank you so much for posting about this. It looks like it has definitely helped get the word out. I saw that it is up to $50.00. You ALL are amazing and may God reward you all abundantly!~
    In Christ~


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