Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Honor of St. Nicholas

~ Gifts from St. Nicholas ~

Gold Coins, Holy Cards, and our yearly "note from St. Nicholas" telling the children what they need to work on between now and Christmas.

New Picture Books and Slippers for all of the children.

Even a pair of new slippers for the baby!! Aren't they darling?!

~ St. Nicholas Cookies ~

Speculatius (German Spice Cookies)

~ St. Nicholas Day Brunch ~

Our menu included:
Candy Cane Coffee Cake, Scrambled Eggs, Irish Oatmeal,
Orange Juice, Coffee, and St. Nicholas Hot Cocoa.

Happy St. Nicholas Day!!


  1. Jessica, You are AMAZING! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful talents with all of us in blogland. We all learn so much from you. You are all in our prayers. God Bless, Lori

  2. wow you REALLY know how to celebrate St. Nicholas day- I am so impressed! :)
    I have that SAME st. nick statue and was going to post it on my blog today too- ha ha!
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely day!

  3. Amazing feast. Looks like you had a fabulous day.

  4. I see you're still as crafty and passionate as ever! Love it. What a beautiful table you set. And those kiddos--gorgeous!

  5. Wow! Everything looks so yummy! :) St. Nicholas day is such a fun feast day. And you celebrate it so well!

    Thank you for sharing.
    God bless!

    P.S. I'm still in bed on doctors orders, but with WiFi I can still visit my favorite blogs and comment using iTouch! Yea! :D

  6. I love the slippers for the baby! All the food looks soo yummy! You are such a blessing to the rest of us. Thank you so much for giving us this glimpse into your lives.


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