Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It has been a wonderful weekend!! Friday afternoon my sister watched our children so that Hubby could come and pick the baby and I up from the hospital. I was so anxious to come home and introduce her to her siblings! It was love at first sight and they haven't been able to get enough of our little Rose. We were welcomed home with a lovely banner the children made with Aunt Mary's help, dinner from Aunt Bridget, as well as beautiful roses and cake from Hubby. I must say, bringing the baby home to meet the children (rather than having them meet the baby in the hospital shortly after delivery, as we have always done in the past) was hard, but it sure added to the anticipation and excitement!

We spent the weekend resting, snuggling with the baby, attending Mass this morning, and counting down these final days of Advent with our O Antiphon prayers and activities!
Can you believe that Christmas is just five days away!?!


  1. That looks like a beautiful, blessed weekend as a family. What a precious memory for your family.

    Happy 4th week of Advent to you and your family!

  2. Oh Congratulations, congratulations!!! She is so very precious and the pictures with the children are priceless!! I am so very happy for all of you!! Prayers going up for a quick recovery and a beautiful babymoon!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Oh Jessica!!! Sigh...
    I adore the picture of (ack... what is her blog name...OH!) Twinkle Toes looking at Rose. That is so priceless... and makes TT look so grown up!

  4. Oh, happy day! What a fantastic early Christmas present for the children. I'm so very happy for you all and must now find patience awaiting my own little one. I can almost feel him in my arms.

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us.
    May God bless you all.

  5. HI Jessica!
    She is SOOO beautiful!!!! I'm sure everyone is thrilled with their newest little sister!
    SO glad to hear that labor and delivery went so well. Prayers for a healed heart and smooth transition to lifei at home.
    She almost made it to my birthday on the 18th!~ :)
    Sarah Grant and Family

  6. I can feel the love in your pictures. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family :) Welcome baby Rose!!!

  7. She is so precious! And the kids are so adorable, and soooo happy to have the two of you home. She sure is a blessed Rose.

  8. Breathtaking! What a beautiful family.

  9. so beautiful Jessica!!! You have such a lovely family :)

  10. It just goes to show you that the best gift you can give your child is a sibling. What a beautiful witness to life. We are so happy for your family. Thanks for sharing the new and pictures.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  11. Jessica!!! She is beautiful!!! Congratulations to you and your husband and your children. How wonderful, a new baby for Christmas. Have a beautiful blessed Christmas.

  12. Congratulations! I just discovered your blog, following a link for Advent activities. Such a beautiful family. Such a blessing!

  13. Oh gosh. I'm pregnant,,,you're making me tear up. :) You know, in a good but hormonal kind of way. :)


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