Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shh! Don't tell them...

... but here is a quick peek at the children's Christmas gifts this year, since some of you have asked me to share.

Our tradition is that each child receives 3 gifts from hubby and I (in addition to their stockings from St. Nick and new pajamas on Christmas Eve) since Our Lord also received 3 gifts. Sometimes, I DO wrap up a few different things to make up "one" of those gifts, and occasionally the children will receive something that is to be shared, but ultimately resulting in 3 gifts for each of them to open.

I was very lazy uncreative when it came to making gifts this year, but I did try to keep things as clutter free (and plastic free!) as possible. I also have been slowly purchasing them since summer, which has made budgeting and watching/waiting for great sales much easier. I am still waiting on a couple of things that should arrive soon, but everything I have is wrapped and ready. It is so nice to have it done before Advent begins!

Here's the list:

Captain and Rascal:
  • Cowboy Rifle with Ammo (I ordered two, one for each of the boys, during a summer sale with a $25 off coupon. They are wrapped separately - one for each of the boys.)
  • An Assortment of Rebels, Red Coats, Union Soldiers, and other Playmobil Figures (which I found at a local toy store, wrapped separately - one package for each of the boys.)
  • Active Life Outdoor Challenge(for both boys)
  • Franklin Street Hockey Set(for both boys)

Twinkle Toes:
  • Fairy Forest Lodge and Puzzle Base (I originally planned on painting this dollhouse for her, but, this pregnancy, painting has been at the very bottom of the list of things I've been up to doing. Well, when I saw this Fairy Lodge I fell in love with it and decided to let the painting go until later. Perhaps I will have the motivation before one of the girls birthdays this coming year!)
  • Mother Teresa Doll
  • Catholic Cuisine Apron (the ones I ordered are actually pictured there right now! Aren't they cute!), Rose Tin Tea Set, and a little set of Wooden Play Food



  • St. Therese Doll
  • Rose Footed One Piece and matching bow fruffle from Gymboree
  • When You Were Very Small (This is the same baby book hubby had as a baby, his was in blue.)
I also have a few gifts to give to the children on various special days during the 12 days of Christmas including The Priest Game and a Music Maker, in addition to a few other treats during the O Antiphons, which I'll share soon.


  1. Aren't you so excited that all of the planning we've been doing FOREVER is about to be executed?! I can't wait!!

    My friends think I should have a baby in November every year because it makes so organized for Advent and Christmas!

  2. I am so excited to see the Priest Game on your blog! The diocese I grew up in was instrumental in making this game and it is so great to see the faces of these wonderful men being seen by others. Thank you!


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