Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mass on the Feast of All Souls ~ A few more pictures!

Here are a few more pictures (actually they are "video stills") from our friend Marc, taken at the beautiful Mass at a local cemetery for the Holy Souls.  Thank you Marc!


  1. This is such a beautiful idea. I so wish they did something like this here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just curious what books your girls are holding... they look like Fr. Lovasik illustrations, but they appear to be more nicely-bound! I have been looking for a children's missal that is good for pre-reading aged children but most seem to be on a bit of a higher level...

    Mass in the cemetery for All Souls Day is a beautiful idea!!

  3. It really is neat! It wasn't that many years ago, when the cemetery was clearing out lots of overgrown blackberry bushes, that they uncovered the Catholic section of this cemetery, including an old altar!!

    On the Friday prior to All Souls, Father commented on the forecast (rain again) and wondered if we would be able to have Mass. I had to remind him that rain is forecasted EVERY year on All Souls, and it ALWAYS stops long enough for him to offer Mass at 10am. He smiled. =)

    Erin ~ The missals the girls have are actually very old missals given to the children by one of their uncles. They are beautiful, but I have not been able to find any like them...


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