Friday, November 6, 2009

Highlights from "J" Week

~ Letter Formation ~

In addition to their Modelling Wax letter J's, the girls also worked on making the letter J using Handwriting Without Tears Hands-On Materials and Kimberlee's Grey Block Paper.

~ Jasmine Fairy Coloring Pages ~

From this Coloring Book
(While looking at the Flower Fairies Alphabet book and listening to the CD!)

~ Picture Study :: J is for Jewelry ~

Using Museum ABC, Museum ABC Nesting Blocks,
and one of the images printed onto cardstock.

~ J is for Good St. Joseph ~

Our Painted Saint Joseph,
for with An Alphabet of Catholic Saints

St. Joseph from Our Saints Alphabet on CD (50% off for Home Schoolers), Copywork from An Alphabet of Catholic Saints (you can print the one I made here), and a Charlotte's lovely coloring page of St. Joseph.

We also listened listened to the Glory Story about St. Joseph and read Good Saint Joseph.

Oh, and we couldn't let the week go by without reading about our beloved Papa in Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told By a Cat!

~ Writing the ABC's on Little Hearts :: J is for Joyful ~

Another beautiful coloring page from Kimberlee and Lydia!

~ Crafts ~

We made a couple crafts this week based on Jelly Beans and Jewelry!

Jelly Bean Bracelets

Jelly Beans, Dental Floss, and a Needle (or two!)

Jewelry Box

I can't say enough good things about this little kit! It kept my girls busy for hours and HOURS! They had so much fun putting all the jewels on the box!

(We opted for the Butterfly Jewelry Box, but there is also a Fairy Jewelry Box as well!)

~ Serendipi-Tea time ~

Lots to choose from this week...
Our menu included Juice, Jam, Jelly Beans, Jello Jigglers,
and, of course, some Java for me! ;)

Bread & Jam

Delicious Blackberry Jam (sweetened with Agave) on Apple Streudel Bread while listening to the story: Bread and Jam for Frances

Jello Jiggler J's

This week we've been working on "K" and Keeping it simple! ;)


  1. Sticky Mosaics are the best aren't they! What great ideas!

  2. They ARE!! I can't believe we had never tried them before!! I'm already looking at others for M week! =)

  3. The jelly bean bracelets look like fun! Did you just use regular sewing needles?

    I love the expression of concentration on TT's face in the photo where she is drawing!!

  4. such a fun girly week. I love it.

  5. How fun!!! I too, love the butterfly mosaics the girls made. I know my girls would really enjoy it too. I haven't seen those before. Great ideas Jessica!
    Thank you for sharing.

    God bless!

  6. Erin ~ They were just regular needles. They did need to be washed every so often do to getting rather sticky, and the ones we used had a rather blunt tip. At times I did need to help the girls at least get the needle started through the jelly bean and then they could pull it the rest of the way.

  7. Oh what fun!!! Love the Jello idea!

  8. Jessica, I love your blog. I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from it. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into posting all these things. I wanted to ask about the Teacher's Helper/Alphabet of Catholic Saints CDs...which ones did you purchase? There are quite a few - I'm glad they have a HS discount.

    Thanks again and God bless you.

  9. Jackie ~ Sorry to take so long in answering your question... I posted more about Catholic Artworks, as well as which CD's I purchased here.


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