Monday, November 2, 2009

Carving our Saint-O-Lanterns ~ 2009 Edition

* He chose to carve the scarred side, since Our Lord had been scourged.

The Crucifixion of Our Lord

by Captain (age 9) with help from Daddy

One Nation Under God

by Rascal (age 7)

Unborn Baby in the Womb

by Twinkle Toes (age 6) with help from Mom

Blessed Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus

by Chiquita (age 4) with help from Mom
...or was it the other way around? ;)


  1. My favorite is One Nation Under God. Great idea! They were all little troopers for sticking their hands right into the gooey sticky insides of the pumpkins. =)

  2. Rascal will be excited to hear that, especially since they didn't get to share their pumpkins with all their friends this year.

    His was my favorite too! =)

  3. These are GREAT! I love the unborn baby, but One Nation Under God was unique. I can't believe Captain came up with the scared side to represent the scourging! That was such a great idea.

  4. those are wonderful. Tell the kids they did an awesome job!

  5. Those are the most fantastic pumpkins I have ever seen! What grace and goodness!!!

  6. WOW! I'm speechless. Those are amazing. What handiwork. I am SO IMPRESSED. WEll done!!


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