Monday, November 9, 2009

A "Bun in the Oven" Baby Shower Brunch


.: The Menu :.

Egg Bake
"Cinna-Bun" Cinnamon Rolls
Fresh Fruit

Coffee, Tea, Caramel Apple Cider, and Orange Juice
and, of course, Cake!

.: The Guests of Honor :.

Erica with her two darling girls!

.: Games :.

Baby Shower Price is Right
(I had a basket filled with all the items, but apparently I didn't take a picture of it...)

How well do you know the Mother-to-be?

(This was a great way for some of the women to get to know Erica better,
since she is fairly new to our area!)

Can You Guess Her Age?

(I ended up just asking everyone to put the pictures in order, 1 thru 13.)

Baby Picture Trivia

(All the shower guests brought pictures of themselves for this game.
It was so fun to see all the pictures!)

.: Showered with Gifts :.

.: Guests :. 

I can't believe I didn't take a group photo of all the ladies! I did get this cute one of the girls though!

My friend Ann-Marie's adorable twins! Wish I had filmed this moment... One was cracking up as the other was falling asleep. It was SO SO cute!

.: Party Favors :.

"Bun In The Oven" Baby Shower Favors

It was so much fun hosting this shower for Erica!! I am so excited for her and her family as they get ready to welcome their new little one in the next few weeks!!

Please remember her and the baby in your prayers!


  1. I have a baby shower I'm planning for this month. My best friend is having boy #4. She has 3 little one's in heaven. Think I will be using a game or two you showed. I love Erica's and daughters' matching skirts. So pretty! Would you mind posting the recipe for the egg bake..or link it? I can never find a good one.

  2. so sad i missed it!! looks like a blast.

  3. Erica actually sewed those matching skirts herself!!! They are SO adorable!! The recipe was my Aunt's and I modified it to fit 9x13 pans. I'll try and post it later.

    I am also hoping to post a bit more about the Party Favors and the Bun in the Oven Dress Game. =)

  4. Yay! I'm so glad to see pictures. Thanks for posting them! Erica, if you're reading this, you look GREAT!

  5. Wow, what a fun shower, I love the games!! She looks beautiful, as do you!

    In MN no one does multiple showers, you only get showered the first baby!

  6. It was soooooooo much fun!! Thank you so much, Jessica for the thoughtful baby celebration!! I went home feeling so blessed!! i loved every minute.

  7. what a wonderful baby shower!

    did you make the cake? It is fantastic, Jessica. Erica is blessed to have you :)

    praying for all you pregos :)

  8. oh yeah, i meant to add that Erica DOES NOT look like she's about to give birth!! WoW!!

  9. Regina & Aubrey ~ You were both missed!! Sure wish you could have been here! =)

    Jamie ~ Maybe I don't want to move to MN after all! ;)

    Actually I only had a shower with our first and then didn't have another till I was pregnant with Chiquita (#4). Actually with her I had a very small one given by a friend, and then ANOTHER, surprise shower, with all my neighbors when I showed up for our monthly luncheon. Then, with Snuggles, I was surprised again with a HUGE baby shower when I thought I was going to Bunco. lol! It was very very sweet. I didn't think I would have (or really needed) one for this baby, but my friend Marci decided otherwise, and I couldn't talk her out of it!! =) (It is in a couple weeks.)

    Baby showers for babies, other than the first, seem to be a little bit more popular out here now than they use to be, and I do think it is so nice to celebrate EACH baby, even if it is just a small shower. Plus, doesn't all that baby stuff start to wear out after baby number 3 or 4!? ;) They just don't make a lot of the baby things to last anymore...

    Erica ~ So glad you had a nice time!!

    Shelly ~ No, I didn't make the cake... I just ordered it from Costco! ;) Don't they make the best cakes?! However, they DID misspell Erica's name, and I did what I could to try and fix it!

  10. So ad I missed it, looked like it was fun!!

  11. In lieu of a typical baby shower for my second baby since I didn't really need anything (but you're right...3 and beyond, you start needing fresh stuff!), my friends took me to get a pedicure to celebrate! We had some petifors at the salon a few packages of diapers. It was perfect! I do think every baby should be celebrated too!

  12. Amy ~ We missed you too! Hope you are feeing better!!

    Jennifer ~ How FUN!!! What a great way to celebrate!

  13. I am so glad when I see each baby celebrated with a shower, even if it is just a party to celebrate and not give gifts if not much is needed. And I love how there were children at the shower - very Catholic, I think! ;) Of all the baby showers I have been to, I am the only one who has brought my own baby with me. The shower games looked like lots of fun!

  14. You are so artistic and make everything look so lovely! What an inspiration!!

  15. Ok, the next time I have another baby (God willing) I will tell someone that I need a baby shower and they will have to steal , hmm I mean "borrow" your wonderful ideas!!!! You are such a great crafty person!!!! Maybe we will have to retire near you so you can show me how you make all of your crafts for everything!!!


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