Wednesday, October 7, 2009

State-by-State Scrapbook :: New Jersey

"G is for Gardens
that fill the state's bowers
with color and fragrance,
farm vegetables, and flowers."

The boys actually finished these pages for their State-by-State Scrapbooks a couple weeks ago, and since they keep asking if I've posted pictures yet, so here you go.

I had to wait until "G" Week, right! ;)

Next up is Georgia (How Serendipitous!), just as soon as I upload the pictures!


  1. Great job boys!!!!

  2. These are so pretty Jess. We did something similar, but I must say, ours aren't nearly as attractive.

  3. I am SO doing this next year with Jacob. He will love it!

    Where do you get those letter stickers? (The big ones.)

  4. Thanks!

    The letters are actually not stickers, but card stock punch outs left over from our Little Flowers Notebook Pages. I had purchased a huge pack on clearance from Wal Mart last year. (Like a pack of copy paper, but each page had a complete alphabet of punch outs, some had only one of each in larger letters and the rest were pages of multiple smaller letters.) A Cricut would be totally perfect for making these, but I don't have one... =)

  5. Great art work. It looks like you have a little artist on your hands!


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