Saturday, October 10, 2009

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Georgia

"A is for Atlanta,
It is the capital of our state.
Gold dome we see from afar,
where rules and laws we legislate."

~ P is for Peach: A Georgia Alphabet

I am *really* loving the Discover America State by State Series and so are my children. That said, they are expensive so I have been slowly purchasing them used from Amazon since I wasn't able to convince my library to purchase the set. Apparently I am purchasing then too slowly. I realized Monday that I had not yet found an inexpensive copy of P is for Peach... sigh... So, I decided to read what we could online through Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. By continually asking it to "surprise me" we were able to read the pages for the letters: A, B, J, K, L, M and N. Much better than nothing!

We then downloaded the study guide and worked on some of the worksheets as well as look up more information about Georgia online.   (Study guides for the entire series can be found here.)

Once again the boys did an excellent job on their Scrapbook Pages:

Since "the girls have been getting to do all the fun stuff in the kitchen," I decided to let the boys make one of the recipes suggested in the study guide, Pecan Clusters. They were super easy and turned out very yummy, though I think they would have been even better made with Milk or White Chocolate Chips.

"What has shells and is sold by the pound?
One grows in a tree and the other underground.
What makes peanut butter, the other pecan pie?
N is for Georgia Nuts, the good tastes that make us sigh."

Next week we will be moving on to Connecticut...
And we even have the book!


  1. Yay for my home state!! The pecan clusters look tasty!

    LOL, glad I am not the only one who tries to read a lot of a book using the "surprise me" feature on Amazon!

  2. Glad to learn that the "surprise me" feature will show you some other pages than what is listed! I will have to try that next time!!! :)

  3. well you couldve come on over for a visit... since you were learning about GEORGIA and all :)

  4. Hi the link for the study guide is not working. Would you happen to know the correct one?

    thank you

    1. It looks like they updated their website and moved everything around... Looks like I have a lot of links to update! :(

      Anyways, you can find the current download (and all the rest) here: Teacher Guides

  5. Thank you Jessica for that link to the Teacher Guides!


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