Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Connecticut

"H is for Hartford
the capital of our state.
Inside the gold-leafed dome
is where we legislate."

It has been rather slow going, since we only dedicate one afternoon each week to United States Geography, but the boys have completed their Notebook Pages on the 5th State, the state of Connecticut to add to their State-by-State Scrapbooks.

In addition to reading the book N Is For Nutmeg: A Connecticut Alphabet, making the pages, and completing a number of worksheets from the Study Guide, they were very excited to learn that Nathan Hale is a Connecticut State Hero. Apparently they already had learned all about Nathan Hale from Liberty's Kids. I love how much they learn and remember from that show!

Next we will be moving on to Massachusetts...


  1. So did your library get these books for you or did you have to buy them? Our library only has a few but I thought if you found a cheap place to get the others, maybe you'd share your source! God Bless,

  2. No... I was not able to get our library to buy the books. What I've done was make an Amazon Wish list of all the titles, and I watch for inexpensive copies to be posted of each one. I've been paying (or rather using up some Amazon Gift Cert.) between $5-$10 each for them though, which is much better than retail, but still adds up. I've also found a few copies on Ebay. I still have 31 left to purchase, but over time, I hope to add them to our collection.

    We could easily make the Scrapbooks without these books, but my children are LOVING them and learning so many neat little facts about each state. Since I'll have at least 4 more children using them in the future, I think it's a good investment! =)

  3. What a great job with their lesson! They are so precise and artistic!

  4. Beautiful job boys! Ours are slow going too - I am having a hard time finding time. (Isn't that the homeschool mantra??)


  5. Have you ever looked for books from Abe books? It's a website that has different booksellers selling used books for pretty good prices.

  6. My girls are really enjoying the scrapbooks we are making. We're way behind you, but you've inspired us to add to just memorizing states and capitals. I think it will have more impact. Our library also only has one copy (our state's), so I've also looked online for used books. So far, I've acquired 6. Thankfully, we are aiming for one state every 2 weeks, so that will help spread the cost out!

  7. Chiara ~ Thanks for the tip on Abe Books... I'll have to keep that in mind!

    Karina ~ Sounds perfect!! One every 2 weeks is about what we've been accomplishing and it gives plenty of time to soak in all the details about each state! =)

  8. Hi Jessica,
    We are planning to start this series of books. I was looking on amazon and there are several states to a letter of the alphabet. How did you deceide which book to pick? Please email me @ shabby_victorian_rose@yahoo.com
    Thank you,

    1. We actually aren't going through these books in Alphabetical Order. We have a book for each state and are going through them in the order that the states joined our country.


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