Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some pictures on Facebook...

... can make this momma quite NERVOUS!

Here is a picture I took from my kitchen window this morning:

There was actually another sweet little baby deer to the left, but I couldn't get my camera to take a good picture through the glass with the flash and it was too dark without, so this was the best shot I got.

Here is a picture one of my neighbors posted on Facebook:

He was only about 20 yards from their home...
which is just up the road...

Personally I prefer the deer (and even the turkeys!) and pray that this guy stays OUT of OUR yard. However, hubby and I are pretty sure we been hearing him (or others) at night. Ugh!

Ok, so now that I have been completely freaked out, I am headed back to the kitchen to make some Rose Punch for with dessert. I'll be back later tonight to post a few pictures of our St. Therese Feast Day Celebration.


  1. Do you have a fence in the backyard? Any pets? It must be amazing where you live but I surmise there are concerns too.

    Will ask for St. Francis to intercede.

  2. Oh goodness! I don't think I would let the kids anywhere near the outside until I knew he was long gone!!
    Stay safe!!!

  3. I find that photo more than frightening........I would be frantic unfortunately.

  4. Yikes - that cougar would make me very nervous!


  5. Wow! We'll keep you all in our prayers!~Teresa

  6. Uh, "Bud" said something about mountain lions in your neck of the woods. I kind of brushed it off. Maybe I should listen to him more carefully!! Hoping that it was a one time visit and the "little" furry creature didn't find anything good to eat and therefore isn't planning to return!! YIKES!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my! I'd be afraid too. I'd take the deer any day!

  8. We have one of those feline-friends in our neck-of-the-woods too. Neighbors have spotted him... people have seen the tracks... and one time at night, we could hear his woman-like scream coming from the woods. Very frightening.

    Be careful!

  9. Doesn't the law there where you live allow residents to shoot these? I would never opt to harm animals unless I was protecting my children and in this case - it is protecting all families in that area. Certainly you would report this to the game wardens so that they can track it and take care of it or am I wrong?

  10. A MOUNTAIN LION!? How scary!!! Maybe with so many deer around, that lion will be full. Yeesh, my spine is tingling!

  11. We've always known that their are cougars in the mountains up the road from us, but thankfully we have never seen one other than at the zoo and I pray it stays that way... It is indeed one of the concerns living where we live.

    I hadn't been thinking much about it till I heard those "woman-like screams" at night this past month, though I haven't heard them again in a couple weeks.

    Our property is not fenced, but that project has moved up on the never ending list of projects we would like to do "someday"... though it will be expensive considering we have 3 acres, but would at least act as a deterrent for the wildlife.

  12. Oh and yes, I do believe that the law does allow one to shoot the cougars on your own property if they present an imminent threat as long as you immediately report the shooting.

  13. I love the pictures of where you live. It looks beautiful BUT I like it here in the plain old suburbs of the Midwest. No tsunamis, no mountain lions....we do see deer often, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, frogs and mice...kinda like a happpy little Disney movie!

    I am not a big believer in guns (never had a need to), but I hope your husband has one. When you live in an area like yours, it seems appropriate.


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