Monday, October 5, 2009

The Oregon Coast ~ The Perfect Wave

Since we didn't know where, or if, we were going anywhere for our anniversary till the week before, most of the nicer hotels along the coastline had been already booked for the weekend. So, we started looking into vacation rentals. We ended up finding a place called "The Perfect Wave" on the Oregon Coast, and it really was PERFECT!

After we had made our reservations Hubby started having second thoughts since the condo was in a "Tsunami Hazard Zone" (as is most everywhere on the beach!) and there had just been a Tsunami warning for the Pacific Coast line! He asked if the room should be called "The Perfect Storm" instead! ;) I am not kidding when I tell you that he had every possible evacuation route figured out before we left and even had all the roads leading inland from the condo memorized. It was so funny! He even tested the route on foot when we arrived to see just how long it would take to get to safe ground... basically too long. The weather was also suppose to be awful, but I was sure we would at least have a little bit of nice weather. We did, everything was perfect!! However, Hubby and I both jumped up in the middle of the night when we heard the sound of Thunder (which at first sounded like a really big wave crashing on the beach!) but it was followed by a short rain storm and not a tsunami.

Here are a few pictures of our amazing accommodations:

The Kitchen

The Living Room
The Gas Fireplace was great for the chilly nights too!

The view from the bedroom

34 feet of windows plus a huge picture window to the north
The views were amazing!

Hot tub on the Deck overlooking the Ocean

From the Deck ~ The Sunset on our Anniversary

It was such a great place to stay. If only they allowed more than four people at this particular condo, I am sure we would already be planning our next visit with our children!


  1. Congratulations on 10 years! The pictures are amazing. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Congratulations on ten years! We are celebrating our tenth in a week and a half. Please say a little prayer ... I am feeling discouraged that we can't afford to celebrate the way you did, and the way many of our friends are, by getting away without kids for a little while. We were hoping to at least camp, but it's too cold to bring the baby, who's still nursing. Hopefully, our years (!) as graduate students will end in May with a dissertation defense and a job offer.

  3. Michelle ~ I will say a prayer that something works out for you and your husband!

    Had I not miscarried last fall I would have had 4 month old nursing baby right now too, which would have changed our plans a little bit... I suggested camping to my husband (since it would have been much more affordable) but he insisted on taking the money out of our "emergency fund" for this trip! A break from kids after nearly 10 years qualifies as an emergency, doesn't it?! ;) I didn't think we'd ever have an opportunity like this, but it did happen!! I will pray that something works out for you and your husband. Have you looked into Yurts or Cabins at State Parks? We did that one year when we went camping for our Anniversary and had a couple month old baby in addition to two toddlers. It is like camping, but the are much warmer since they have heaters inside. They are pretty affordable too -- I think around $30 per night for a Yurt, at least the ones in our state.

    Happy 10th Anniversary to you both!!

  4. wow that looks awesome! good job on making it to 10 years!!

  5. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!!! I am so glad that you were able to get away and spend some time together!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad you got to do something extra special, you guys deserve it!!!

  7. How gloriously beautiful Jessica! Thanks for sharing. Happy 10th Anniversary!!

  8. Wow! This looks amazing!! That first picture of the storm is unbelievable. God bless your marriage!!

  9. *Delighted* to know all went well, weather and all. GREAT place you had there...and heh, you've only just begun (wink, wink) to take time out for only hubby/wife times away. Happy, Happy 10th Anniversary to you both, pleased you were able to get away and listen to the peaceful sounds at the water's edge, tsunami and all (Oh my gosh, never knew that, but it makes perfect sense all along the Pacific Coastline doesn't it?). <3 God Bless.

  10. Congrats. Glad you had a good time.

  11. That place is gorgeous! I hate when places put a number on occupants that include children. I mean really, you could easily fit all your kiddos in there!

  12. Happy Anniversary, Jessica! It looks like a wonderful trip.
    God bless!

  13. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful photos (I have looked at all that you have posted of the sunsets, whales, etc) - it must have been a wonderful trip! And what nice timing that your tenth anniversary fell before the birth of your baby but after your youngest was well over the 2 year mark, making it easier to leave the children... but I know what you mean about being so sad to leave them!

  14. Wow! That's awesome!
    I love the "jacuzzi with a view" . My dh would have been the same way. We call him "Mr. Safety".

  15. Congratulations Jessica! I know i'm very late but couldn't catch up on your blog last month cos I was in Melbourne for a traning.
    The pics are really amazing, specially the sea-lions and whales and the lovely place you stayed.
    I'd definitely want such a special one for my 10th Anniversary too :)
    Cheers! Take care



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