Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Oregon Coast ~ Heceta Head Lighthouse

From where we were watching the Sea Lions, we also had a beautiful view of the Heceta Head Lighthouse. We wanted to hike up to the lighthouse and take a tour, but since it was over a 1/2 mile from the trail head and we had dinner reservations, we decided to move on. We will have to come back and visit this one with the children sometime!


  1. Hi, I just love your blog. My hunny and I really didn't have a honeymoon--so wish I could go on one. We were thinking about it this year, but finanaces are a mess--maybe we will do something belated this year--however, we have our own "Twinkle Toes" baby (13 months going on 14 months now)--so not sure how to really go anywhere with a small fry around! :)

  2. It's said the house at Heceta Head is haunted. The caretaker would often put his hat upside down on the table so blessings could be poured into it. When he came back to get his hat, it was upside down.

    That's the story I was told but I don't think I believe such stories.


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