Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Handmade Treasure

Aren't these just precious!?!?

I was so excited when they arrived in my mailbox this week from Aimee!! She had them made, by her Grandmother, for our little one and I absolutely LOVE them!! Thank you so much Aimee!!

*Aimee will actually be welcoming a new little one any day now! (Her due date is November 8th.) Perhaps you could join me in saying a quick prayer for her. Thank you!

Prayer for a Safe Delivery

Saint Elizabeth, through the great blessings you received from God at the birth of your son, Saint John, I beseech you to obtain for__(Aimee)___the grace of deeply understanding with joyful wonder the privilege of motherhood and of living each day in happy anticipation.

I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus, God’s Gift of Love to us.

Saint Anne, obtain for__(Aimee)___ through your own blessed child, Mary ever Virgin, the grace that no accident may befall her and that she may deliver her child safe and sound into the world.

I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus, God’s Gift of Love to us.

Mary, my Mother, I pray you to intercede before your Divine Son, Jesus, and obtain for__(Aimee)___ the help and blessings of God so that she may patiently endure with joyful expectation the pains of delivery and that her child may receive the grace of Baptism.

I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus, God’s Gift of Love to us.



  1. Thank you for the prayers!!! I am most grateful!

    I'm so glad you like them, and more so that it gave us the chance to visit on the phone.

  2. Thank you for the prayers for my girl! My mother made the booties with a joyful heart because of her love for Aimee and all that she is to our family. So happy you like them! Best wishes to you with your own delivery.

    Brenda (Aimee's mom)

  3. How precious!!!! I think those are the most perfect booties I have ever seen. What a job! Many prayers are being sent for a safe delivery and lifetime enjoying and admiring God's miracle of life!!

  4. Beautiful! How delicate the work is!

    We'll remember Aimee in our prayers.

    God bless!

  5. Oh! Those are so pretty!!!!

  6. They are simply beautiful!!! Praying for Aimee...


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