Thursday, October 1, 2009

Celebrating the Feast of Saint Thérèse ~ 2009

~ Our Breakfast ~

French Crepes served with Maple Syrup
(My Grandmother's simple recipe:
12 eggs, 2c flour, 2c milk and 1c water)

~ St. Thérèse of Lisieux ~

Our precious relic of St. Therese at the base of one of our statues.
“By inviting us to venerate the mortal remains of the martyrs and saints, the Church does not forget that, in the end, these are indeed just human bones, but they are bones that belonged to individuals touched by the transcendent power of God. The relics of the saints are traces of that invisible but real presence which sheds light upon the shadows of the world and reveals the Kingdom of Heaven in our midst. They cry out with us and for us ‘Maranatha!’ – ‘Come Lord Jesus!’”

(Pope Benedict XVI, Address to Young People at Cologne, 2005).

We spent the afternoon coloring pictures and watching Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and Miracle of St. Thérèse.

The girls also pulled out their St. Thérèse costumes and were having so much fun! I wish I would have gotten a picture... It was so cute!

~ Coloring Pages ~

They all insisted on coloring all three pictures!

~ More Roses ~

Twinkle Toes received a surprise package in the mail from her Godparents,
complete with lots of little bouquets of ROSES!

~ Teatime ~

Et Une Rose Candle and Rose Cream Earl Gray Tea

Looking through the pictures in my one of my
very favorite books about St. Thérèse

~ Our Dessert ~

Rose Petal Coconut Cake with edible Fruit Roses

"Oh, how sweet is the way of love!..Oh, how I wish to always do the will of God with no restraints."

~ St. Thérèse, The Little Flower


  1. What a fun day! I wish we had had time to fit in a real celebration. All I did was buy my own roses! lol.

  2. Lovely! I am so glad you had such a beautiful celebration of Therese's feast day. I have the same book you do--Therese---and I adore it too! I keep it out all of the time.

  3. So happy your day was so beautiful.

  4. Precious, precious! Our day started out okay, and went severely downhill with sour attitudes all around. We rebounded, though, and had a great time celebrating our Little Flower with friends last night. God is good.

    HAVE SO MUCH FUN this weekend! I'll combine all my emails that I would normally send into one that I'll hang on to until Monday!

  5. Beautiful day and-- Wow!-- how ever did you score a first class relic of the Little Flower?!?

  6. Absolutely beautiful, Jessica! May our dear Saint bless you for your great love and devotion, may she continue to receive a "shower of roses" from Heaven...

  7. Just stopping by to catch up on my blogging and loved all the fun stuff you are doing.....but but but there is a huge cat roaming around your neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would get like the hugest dog...german shephard or something...and maybe a gun...or call in the army to protect me.

    I would be totally freaked out!

    My thoughts are with you!!

  8. The first class relic was a gift from one of my Brother-in-Laws!!! =) We do have a couple 3rd class relics as well that hubby touched to her casket when it visited our state -- unfortunately I was on bedrest at the time and couldn't go with him.


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