Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Flowers Girls' Club ~ Courage

Yesterday afternoon, the girls anxiously awaited the arrival of all of their little friends for our 2nd Little Flowers Girls' Club meeting for the year!

I know it has only been two weeks since we had our last meeting, but with our baby due in December, I've scheduled meetings for every two weeks during the Fall and Spring so that I can take December, January and February off.

Our meeting was so much fun and we actually had ALL 12 girls make it for the first time!

As we waited for everyone to arrive, the girls got busy coloring.  I was not able to find an extra coloring page of Blessed Margaret Pole, the saint for this meeting, but they all had the pictures provided in their Member's Guides, and I did have a coloring page for the flower:  The Yucca.

Once all the girls had arrived we moved into the living room and started our meeting with our opening prayers.   We then reviewed the virtue of Mercy from our last meeting, and the girls reported on the activities they were able to complete from their checklists in the Wreath 2 Member's Guide.   Depending on how many activities they completed they were able to choose 1-4 prizes out of the prize box (aka: my girls old dress up box), which has been stocked with various Coloring and Father Lovasik Books, Stickers, Stamps, Notebooks, Candy, Bubbles, and more!

We then moved on to our current months virtue, the virtue of Courage, and learned about Blessed Margaret Pole.

Following the lesson the girls began making their notebook pages. I included the memory verse for Courage, a lovely quote from Blessed Zelie Martin (Thank you Becky!), a quote from the bible, and the prayer to Blessed Margaret Pole from the Little Flowers Virtues CD.

Here are links to the Yucca Flower and the image of Blessed Margaret Pole that I choose, as well as my sample page:  (You can download my document here.)

The girls did a great job, as usual, assembling their notebook pages.  (I never knew I could fit SO many people in my little kitchen!) 

We then moved on to another craft project.  Since Blessed Margaret Pole was a lady in waiting, I thought the girls would really enjoy making tiaras!  I ordered an assortment of Tiara's as well as Self Adhesive Jewels from Oriental Trading, which made it super easy and the girls had so much fun decorating their tiaras!

I was even able to get a quick group photo before the girls all settled in to watch a little video about another "Courageous" Queen while I started cooking the pizza!  (I had planned an extra long meeting for this month, so we could include a movie and pizza night for the girls as well!)

After the movie it was time for Pizza and Snacks, then the girls all headed outside to play!  Erica did an AMAZING job with the "Crown" treats for this meeting.  Aren't they perfect!?!

This has started out to be another great year.  The girls are already looking forward to our next meeting, in just two weeks!

Blessed Margaret Pole you had courage in the face of death,  pray for us to have courage when called to defend our faith.

Saint Therese, the Little Flower, pray for us!


  1. That was just wonderful! Check out our Little FLower Give away! :) Cecilia

  2. beautiful. All your ideas are great Jessica. I can wait to start our Little Flowers meeting again. I have recruited two awesome ladies that are widows. They now so much about prayers and devotions to saints. And I am hoping to teach the girls to cook simple meals. The skills of Proverbs 31:10-31

  3. I am so impressed that you are doing this every 2 weeks! Thinking about that makes me tired! But, our group is rotating houses each month, so I'm done hosting. I just have to show up with a craft each month, and thanks to you, that's already done!

    Great job! Mary-Grace keeps asking when she can play with your girls!


    Just saw this deal for the oriental trading company.

    Wonderful meeting you had. when mary is older I might start my own club here!!

  5. I wish I could be a Little Flower. :) My girls would have loved a club like that when they were younger.
    You have such great ideas, Jessica.

  6. You do so much!! Looks like a really fun time.

  7. I'm planning our Little Flowers meeting for tomorrow and we're doing St.Margaret Pole and Courage! Thanks for the inspiration and good ideas.


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