Monday, September 28, 2009

Fire Safety Lap Book

This past week the girls worked on a Fire Safety Lap Book. We started the week with a Forest Fire Field Trip and then read lots of books on the topic before starting our lap book.

Books about Fires and Firefighters:

More Books about Forest Fires and Wildfire Firefighters:

For the cover of the Lap Book I just printed out the words Fire Safety -- quick and easy! ;)

It was a simple Lap Book, but very effective. We discussed what to do when a fire starts in our home, escape routes and plans, meeting spot, our home address and phone number, fire alarms, what to do when on fire, how to treat burns, and more. Here is a picture of the inside of Twinkle Toes' lap book:

Here are links to the mini books we used from Homeschool Helper:
Smoke Detectors Circle Fan Fold - When should you change batteries and where should they be located?
Four Steps to Fire Safety - Write and illustrate the four steps to fire safety.
Two Ways Out Envelope - Show the two ways out of each room in your house.
Firemen Matchbook Fold - Name some tools that firemen use.
Escape Route Center Fold - Draw your family's escape route.
Meeting Spot Triangle Petal Fold - Choose your family's outside meeting spot.
Getting Out Flap Fold - Answer the questions about getting out safely.
Emergency Layered Book - Fill in information you need to know in an emergency.
Stop, Drop and Roll Indexed Tabs - Illustrate how to stop, drop and roll.
How to Treat Burns Envelope Fold - Describe how to treat minor burns.

Other Activities and Resources:

Fire Safety Word Search
Children's Fire Safety Activity Book (My husband brought these home from work.)
Forest Fire Prevention Coloring Book

Wildfire Education Links

It was a fun week and now my boys are asking when they get to do their own Fire Safety Lap Book!


  1. This is really neat Jessica thanks for posting it. :)

  2. Great job Jessica and Twinkle Toes:) This is something we should all do! Yet another good idea coming from you :) Hope you're feeling better - glad to hear you had such a good nap yesterday. God Bless, Lori

  3. Jessica...I need your email again. The baby played with the keyboard and deleted some emails I'd saved. But I need to tell you something :)

  4. Thank you for posting the Fire Safety lapbook. We're getting ready for Fire Prevention Week this week & I wasn't sure how to bring it altogether. Nicely done!

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  6. I just found them for you here:

    I'll try and update the links above later, if I have the time.

    1. were did you get the words fire safety

    2. I printed them in red onto yellow paper.

    3. Can you show pictures of the inside of the fold ups

    4. I'm sorry, Laura. It's been so many years since we did this project... I don't think I took pictures of the inside of each mini-book.

  7. Hi!

    What a great idea, thanks so much for sharing! I'm hoping to do this on Monday with the you happen to have saved copies of the resources you could email over (as the links don't work.)

    Thank you in advance!


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