Monday, September 14, 2009

Everything is Coming Up Roses!

YES, I keep finding roses everywhere this pregnancy!!!   ;) 

Chiquita has and loves this tea set.  However, when I saw that Schylling had come out with this new Rose Tin Tea Set, I decided it was time to order a tea set for Twinkle Toes (with an Amazon gift card I'd been saving).   I  think I will wrap it up with the little apron she'll be getting for Christmas... 

Isn't it darling!?!?!  It just arrived in the mail and it is even cuter in person!  

It even matches the girls little kitchen perfectly!!


  1. little Mary-Grace Therese might need one of these!

    SO CUTE!!!

  2. Way too cute!!!! Maybe you should name the baby Rose...;) considering all the roses surrounding you lately.

  3. Well, I will nickname her Rose here, but we do have another name picked out already, which I love even more! =)

  4. Lovely! I have been making a novena to the Little Flower and waiting for my rose and then I clicked on this blog......

  5. I love all these rosey little things you've been finding. My youngest daughter will be 11 in two weeks. It has been so long since we've had lots of baby pink around here. After four boys in a row I think I'm due for another girl. :D

  6. Maybe it's all building up to her feast day! ;)

  7. You have an eye for all that is feminine and beautiful:o)


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