Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a kick!!

Our little one has been quite active lately and growing stronger.

Just a few minutes ago Twinkle Toes was able to feel her newest sibling give her a little kick on the hand.  The little one had to be persistent, but by kick #4 a big grin spread across Twinkle Toes face and she ran to tell her older brothers, who have not yet been so lucky.

It is hard to believe that this Friday will mark 20 weeks -- the half way point!  It is going by so fast...   I still have so much to do, but yet I can hardly wait at the same time!

Photo Credit:  Life Issues


  1. Awesome! I can't wait until my kids are able to feel this baby moving and grooving. At 20 weeks, you'll have an ultrasound, right? Will you find out if it's a boy or a girl? I think I remember you leaning toward girl. :)

  2. Yes, our ultrasound is this coming Monday!! We are SO excited!! I am thinking girl, but I guess we will see then...

  3. We had so much fun noticing how various types of music got different responses. Children singing Christmas songs was a big hit as were the bells at consecration.

  4. How neat!! I will have to start paying attention to that more!

  5. So happy for you...we find out this week of our little saint is Molly Catherine or Timothy Gabriel. I will let you know...I guess we'll be finding out our baby's gender together even though mine is already in Heaven....Please keep us in your prayers. And my little Ben is sick again.. praying to stay out of the hospital again. Enjoy every one of those kicks!!!!!
    Adele in Louisiana

  6. Oh Adele! I did think of you and say another little prayer for you when posting this and even wondered if I should... But then, this is the only spot I save all these little memories...

    I know how hard it was for me to hear about the various stages I was missing when my sister as well as a few other bloggers (who were also due in June/July) progressed through their pregnancies this past winter and spring and welcomed their little ones, after I had miscarried our little Gabriel... Though I was so very happy for them, the pain of losing mine was still so fresh, as I am sure it is for you!

    How special that you are still able to find out whether your little one is a boy or girl -- both of the names you have chosen are beautiful! In fact, I am particularly partial to a couple of them since I have used them for a couple of my own children!

    Please let me know what you find out!! And Ben will be in our prayers too...

  7. Jessica, you are so sweet. I have been wanting to email you back-and I will very, very soon. I've had a few strep throats and my little sister got engaged...but I would like to tell you something about my sweet baby. thanks for being so thoughtful-please keep recording all of your beautiful memories. I know my pain has a purpose in Heaven and I rejoice with you in your new life. I am sure Gabriel has helped welcome my little one into Heaven.
    love Adele

  8. This post makes me very happy :)


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