Monday, August 24, 2009

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Delaware

"F is for First State -- first to confirm our Constitution."

The boys are really enjoying their State-by-State Scrapbooks!!  
Our next stop is Pennsylvania...


  1. That is so cool!! Oh and I love his shirt! ;)

  2. Jessica, everything you do is just beautiful and so inspirational! You are just amazing.

  3. Jessica, you are so put together! These pages look fabulous!

    I'm adding your idea to MODG 4th grade since they have to do states and capitols anyway. I am just having my 4th grader draw the state her self and write in the info in a blank book. I am printing out the flags for her to color. Lazy me.

  4. Jessica, I really love these. Have you seen the teachers guides that go with these books. You can find them free in pdf form at . Our library does not carry this series, but I am hoping to collect them for next year if I am not able to convince our librarian to purchase the set.


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