Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Happy Flowers...

... and lots of very happy little girls! 

My girls and I were so excited to see that we are not the only ones who are decorating with Happy Flowers!!

If you haven't yet, click on over to Elizabeth's blog and check out her daughters new bedrooms:

I sure wish we didn't live all the way across the country and that my girls could meet the Foss girls...  Unfortunatley, for now, they can just see how they have much more in common than just Dot Dresses, and then beg "Mom, can we pleeeaaaasssseeeee go and play with those little girls???!!!"  

I sure wish they could, since I would love to meet their Momma!  Maybe someday... Currently all my nieces and nephews do live in Virginia! ;)

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  1. Your girls' room is darling. I'm still waiting to see your new school room. I'm no where near done with my new school room. I've been side tracked numerous times. Currently, I'm working on my office/craft room/HS school room. It's smaller and less intimidating. I also wanted to excite my eldest about 9th/10th grade. I hope to reveal the room soon!

    Pax Christi -


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