Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learning about Ancient Rome: "Gladiators"

"They fought with sword

And spear and net.

The watching crowd

Would cheer and bet.

They fought wild beasts;

They fought each other;

They'd fight a friend;

They'd fight a brother.

Their lives were hard,

And often short.

They spilled their blood,

And called it sport.

They fought with skill

Till their last breath,

Because they fought

Until the death."


  1. We have this set too and a son who is enthralled with all things Rome! Currently his gladiators are fighting on the beach. :)

  2. You are so creative and clever! I have 4 little ones and we are very much enjoying the Madeline lapbook project..

  3. Isn't Playmobil just the greatest thing, ever? Throughout the years we've collected all things useful for historical play and re-enactment of our studies. There are sites on the internet where some folks actually transform their playmobil into fictional/real characters, useful for biography reviews and so forth. Any way one looks at it, this is an investment well worth seeking out for homeschool families. Two thumbs up! Love it all over here!

  4. That is so cool!!! I need to look into that set for Rogue, I have a feeling it would be a big hit!

  5. Gotta love Playmobil! That set looks really fun!

  6. Thanks everyone!! The boys were very excited to share this with you all! =)


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