Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Celebrating the Assumption

This past Saturday we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption.  Here are a few pictures from a little bit of our day...

~ Assumption Craft ~

Inspired by Alice and Dawn 
(I listed some of our picture books here.)

~ Completed Stars ~ 

by Captain (age 9)

by Rascal (age 7)

by Twinkle Toes (age 5)

by Chiquita (age 4)

~ Coloring Pages ~

My boys added the following quote below their pictures:
"See the beauty of the daughter of Jerusalem,
who ascended to heaven like the rising sun at dawn."
~ Benedictus antiphon of the Daily Office

~ Feast of the Assumption Dinner ~

Shrimp in a Béchamel sauce
(a traditional French specialty for the feast of the Assumption)
served over Spaghetti, with Salad and French Bread

Mini White Chocolate Pudding Pies
 with a little cloud of whipped cream
 and blueberries for Mary! 

Queen Assumed into Heaven ~ Pray for Us!


  1. Pretty crafts!! We made something for the Assumption/Queenship of Mary this week and I actually remembered to put a smock on my child for once... but I couldn't find my camera!

    I love seeing the beautiful pictures from Fenestrae Fidei - they are gorgeous! I noticed that the illustration shows Mary being assumed from what appears to be an empty tomb, which got me thinking, did Mary actually die before her Assumption? I just spent a very long time reading up on it on Catholic Culture and then discussing it with my hubby, LOL! Interesting topic, and one that appears to be unclear. And all from the picture on your blog!

  2. I love the beautiful star crafts. They are just lovely!

  3. Your kidos are so artistic!
    I just love to see how nurture their spirituality and talents!!!

  4. Beautiful celebration. I don't know how you do it ALL!?!?! Praise be to GOD!

  5. It isn't clearly defined whether Our Lady "died" before she ascended into heaven.

    However, because she never had originial sin (which one of its effects is death) we can assume that she (and this is what the church teaches) was "done" with her life on earth and joined her Son in heaven.

  6. The supper! That looks so so yummy! Great job celebrating!

  7. What a fun day at your house. :-) Lovely crafts, happy children, full bellies all midst a giant celebratory feasting day in Our Lady's honor. Your meal looks just delicious by the way! Yum! Sweet and precious memories will always linger on for your lovely bunch. Good job!

  8. Thank you for sharing such inspiration with us all, Jessica! I can't wait to try your shrimp & pasta recipe.

  9. Dear Jessica,
    How lovely the day must ahve been for you and your family.
    I still ahve trouble getting through all the plans I wan to do, and then I am moving on to the next thing before poting on it.
    you are very vigilant in sharing.
    Thank you for that.♥
    God Bless

  10. What a wonderful and creative way to honor Our Lady!

  11. Sure wish we weren't traveling for this Holy Day!!! Thanks for sharing the lovely craft ideas- they are beautiful! We will definitely be doing these sometime.


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