Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer with the Saints :: St. Joan of Arc

I just realized that I still hadn't posted pictures from last week's:

Summer with the Saints

The Saint for the week was St. Joan of Arc. I didn't take very many pictures that day, but here are a few:

~ Coloring Pictures ~

The children could choose between the image of St. Joan of Arc from Fenestrae Fidei: A Coloring Companion for Catholic Mosaic or this one.

~ Craft Time ~

Armor of God Papercraft

~ Snack Time ~

Someone was very excited about the "pizza, pizzzzaa, PIZZZAAA!!!" made on "French" bread. We also enjoyed some mini-eclairs.

Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!


  1. St. Therese's favorite saint! Do you know that when Therese was in the convent, one of her jobs was sweeping the stairwells? She was so afraid of spiders, and was terrified of finding them there. So she tried to be brave, pretending to be like St. Joan of Arc going into battle with her sword (the broom!) under the stairs.

  2. I wish we had something like that here.
    Our children would love it. You are very blessed.
    Our children loved it when we read about St Joan and there is a great movie I love about her too. I can't think of the name though.
    God Bless

  3. Jessica, I wanted to ask for your prayers, because after reading your blog for awhile now, I knew you would understand...I lost my precious baby this past week-on my birthday. I was due on Christmas also. I am heartbroken beyond words. I have 5 living children-all the exact ages as yours and I lost our first daughter to a stillbirth between 21-23 weeks. I have two other babies I miscarried very early on in Heaven as well. I remember being very excited when I saw we were due the same day and have loved all your posts about your baby and marking 12 weeks etc...My 5 year old was hospitalized all of last week (he was admitted on the birthday of our stillborn daughter...). HIs right lung had collapsed from severe asthma...my doctor wonders if I may have contracted a virus that harmed my unvorn baby while our little boy was in the hospital. Can you please keep me in your prayers? We are truly devastated and still very much in shock...I too felt my baby move for the first time right when you did. It hurts so much....Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us.
    Adele in Louisisana

  4. Oh Adele, you can be assured of my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. Oh Adele!! I just got home and read your note and words seem so inadequate as I know all too well that they cannot remove the pain you are feeling. Your family is so very similar to my own and yet I just can't imagine being given the cross Our Lord has allowed for you with the loss of this precious baby too. My heart just aches for you and I wish there was some way that I could ease the pain you are experiencing and give you a big hug!!

    I recently read a quote from Blessed Zelie Martin (the mother of St. Therese) who said that "the good God who is a Father never sends His children more than they can bear." I have never met you, but you must be very strong! God will give you the extra grace you need to carry this cross too.

    Ohhh.... It is just so hard to lose our babies, and yet, it is consoling to remember that they are in God's hands and perfectly happy now. I don't know how one could cope with the loss of a child without the reassurance of our Faith and knowing that we have a loving Father in Heaven who is taking care of our little ones.

    Be assured of my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I am sure this is, and has been, hard on everyone... Please feel free write anytime -- my email address is linked in my profile if you'd like to write directly.

    May God wrap his arms around you and console you Adele!

  6. I am so bummed I have been having to miss them. Sniffle

  7. I don't know if you have already seen the pictures of St. Therese dressed as St. Joan for the play she wrote about her but if not you can find them on my website at:



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