Friday, July 24, 2009

So true...

I think I need to get a bio-hazard suit... or perhaps a new Mac! ;)


  1. So untrue, actually. Sure, there are lots of "exploits" discovered and invented for Windows on a daily basis, but that has no correlation to actual infection rates. I've run WindowsXP and Vista without virus protection for years and I have no problems... then again, I don't download or install things if I don't know what it is or what it will do. Sometimes that means telling a friend "No, I won't click on your 'vacation-pictures.exe' email attachment" but so be it. Plenty of exploits are available for the Mac and they work exactly the same as on Windows: you convince the user grant permission to a malicious program to do what it wants. Windows just generally make this activity easier than on a Mac, but then Windows is generally easier to use than a Mac anyway... it's both a blessing and a curse (depends on the program in question).

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion...

    I am sure everyone has different views on which computer system is best. Personally, having used both PC's and Mac's, I prefer Mac's. I also happen to think their commercials are funny, however accurate or inaccurate they are, and in this case (having just lost quite a bit of data due to a virus -- even though I too am very careful on what I open/download AND had a great anti-virus program which was up to date) I can particularly relate. =)


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