Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Next Project :: Painting the Boys' Old Room

After the boys were all moved into their new room, it was time to paint their old room for the girls. It seemed like an overwhelming task, especially being pregnant and wanting to avoid the fumes, but with hubby doing all the taping and my friend Marci doing the actual painting, we were done in just a few hours and by evening we were able to get on with the FUN part and start moving the girl's furniture into their new room!

Here are a couple pictures I took real quick, after realizing I hadn't taken any, before removing the rest of the old furniture and pictures:

(Sorry for the mess!! It's amazing what one finds when beds and dressers are moved! I probably should have done a quick pick up before taking the pictures. )

The "Camelhair" paint that we had on the walls was nice, but as soon as it was painted (5 years ago) I realized it was too dark for a room with just one window. I couldn't wait to repaint it, but hubby said I was stuck with my decision for at least 5 years. The five years is up, and besides, the color just wouldn't work with the girl's bedding! ;)

I suppose I could have left the girls where they were and made this room our nursery, but I had a few reasons for wanting to move them:
  1. The beds would fit on either side of the window, unlike in their old room, due to the incorrect placement of a window when the room was built.
  2. The girls would be able to have a "closet." (Someday we will be able to close it in and make it "officially" a closet!)
  3. I'd be able to paint the walls to match their bedding -- at first I was thinking of Lilac, but hubby wasn't too crazy about that idea, and much more open to a Light Green...
  4. Their old room, being yellow, would work well for either a baby boy or a baby girl without needing to be painted.
Anyhow, last Saturday morning I went to the paint store to choose some paint. I WAS SO NERVOUS!!!! I've always had help in the past... However, with a little guidance from the nice gentleman working at the paint store, I came home with a couple gallons of "Pastel Sage" which is just lovely and really brightened up the room!

I am out of time right now, but I will be back later to post pictures of their finished room. It turned out SOOO SO CUTE!!


  1. Oh! The color looks yummy!

  2. the colour is beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos.

  3. These rooms look FANTASTIC!!! My kids' rooms are in pretty sad shape, and I would love to do what you have done. What great inspiration!

    (PS. A huge painting of George Washington above the boys' bunk beds would be excellent -- just what little boys would love!)


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