Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making progress...

After almost a month of rearranging rooms in our home, it is finally starting to come together!  I thought I would try and start posting a few pictures of our progress.

The hard thing is deciding WHERE to start... Normally I would have been blogging while I went, but I just didn't have the time.  I am really wishing that I would have taken some "before" photos since I don't seem to have as many as I thought I did, particularly of the boy's old bedroom.

I guess I will start with the school room closet.  It  has been one of the most challenging projects so far.  I can't believe HOW MUCH STUFF I was able to cram in that little space.   It all needed to be cleared out so we could install closet organizers for the boys clothing, since they are now using the old school room as their bedroom.

Here are a couple pictures I posted last year:


If it was that FULL last May, I am sure you can image what it looked like after a busy year of school, crafts, etc...

Since the new school room does not have a closet, everything needed to be temporarily moved to my bedroom floor to get it "out of the way" till I could figure out where to put it all! (Sometimes I think a attached garage would come in VERY handy!)

Here is a glimpse at what has been sitting in my room for the past couple weeks:

This ridiculous pile did get MUCH worse this last week, while we were moving the girls to the boy's old bedroom, and it is much better now, though I do still have quite a bit to sort.  I have come to the realization that we just have too much stuff (for the amount of space we have) and I did drop off 6 more bags of donations today on the way home from swimming!   Anyway, more on this progress later...

Back to the closet -- which by now is empty:

Once everything was out of the closet, hubby painted. The next day  (last Thursday) a friend of mine came over to help me. (Had I mentioned how overwhelmed I had been feeling??)  We installed the closet organizers and I moved all the boy's clothes to their new room!!  It was SO NICE to FINALLY have one room FINISHED!!

Well, almost finished... The right side still needs a couple more shelves which I picked up last week.  We'll install them soon. 

I was also very excited that the baskets from my old changing table fit in their closet so well!  They are working perfectly for holding some of their toys and sports gear.


I'll be back to post a few pictures of the rest of their room. 


  1. How organized! I LOVE it! I am a big 'organizer' and love to see others' ideas and how they attain and maintain order in their homes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Looks great! I am in the process of unpacking still nd trying to figure out where everything will go and accumulating those shelves and baskets! It is a long process! :)


  3. Looks awesome Jessica! Doesn't it feel great to get organized? We are really enjoying our new school/den area. It's so worth all of the hard work! Love, Lori

  4. Can you please give us more information about the closet organizing systems you are using here and in the girls room? Our bedrooms have huge, mostly unused closets, but the rooms themselves are on the small side and the dressers are taking up too much floor space, so I would love to adapt to something like this.

    When you get a moment...:)

  5. Mary Alice ~ I have been VERY happy with our closet organizers! I first used them in my closet and hubby's closet when we added on to our home 4-5 years ago. We then installed them to the wall which is now the girls' room. I LOVE that you can completely modify them depending on the space you have to fill as well as have drawers, shelves, etc! In my closet I also have a couple corner units to utilize that space as well.

    The Organizers are made by Closet Maid and are part of their laminate line. (Here is a link to a pdf of some of the products. I purchased all of ours at Lowe's.

    In the boys' new closet I just used the 12" Wide Tower with 4 additional shelves to put above the bars. It was the least expensive and worked well for the space I had in there. The girls currently have the 25" wide tower with added doors, drawers, and shelves. They are quite fun to design and not that hard to put together! Have fun!!!


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