Friday, July 24, 2009


To all of you that are waiting for me to email you back, I have a little problem...

Yesterday, while a friend and I were installing closet organizers in the boy's new bedroom (which I would MUCH rather be posting about!), my computer caught a virus. The good thing is my anti-virus seemed to catch and remove the virus, at least I think it did? The bad thing is it also seemed to remove my email program and all its contents. I am realizing that I have relied WAY too much on my email program for saving all sorts of things -- contact info and addresses, receipts for online orders, some photos that were sent via email, post ideas for Catholic Cuisine and here, links, and TONS of correspondence that I had saved for some reason or another.

I was really worried since when I looked at my backup CD's (of pictures, files, etc.) the last ones were dated October of 2007 -- Whoops! Seriously, time is FLYING! Thankfully none of my files seemed to be infected and I am now up to May of 2008 as I try and backup my photos (I think I might take too many!?!) and need to head to the store to buy some more disks. I think I might take my computer in at the same time and see if my emails can be recovered.

Ahhhhhh!!!! {Deep Breath}

It could be worse though -- I had my old Macintosh crash once, just days before I needed to have my phone book files to the printer (I use to publish a small town phone book before Twinkle Toes was born and I sold the business) and lost EVERYTHING. The computer guy was able to "miraculously" (his words, and I agree!) recover just the files I needed and then it died completely... And yet, did I learn my lesson on backing things up??

I do apologize to all of you, and as soon as I have email access again I'll let you know. In the meantime, if you need to talk to me, my phone still works! ;)

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  1. Obviously this is not a good month for you at all. Get that Holy water out and sprinkle anything that moves or doesn't move including the computer! I sure can relate to your situation. BLessings!


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