Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Golf Themed Party...

...for Captain's 9th Birthday!

~ Miniature Golfing ~

~ The Cake ~

~ The Birthday Boy ~

~ Opening Gifts ~

GeoPuzzle USA and Canada from Grandpa and Grandma

Lots of cards and gifts from the other Grandpa and Grandma, Aunts and Uncles, and the Neighbors (who have not missed a birthday since we moved in over 9 years ago)!

(I just love that my children LOVE receiving "learning" toys!! ;) Especially since school is about to begin again! And I wish I had Rascal's reaction to Captain receiving Liberty Kids on video -- it was so funny! I have never seen him so excited! )

Captain had a fun birthday and was sad to see it end since (in his words) he "won't have a ninth birthday ever again." He is growing up way too fast!!


  1. Great party theme!! Great cake, you are soooo talented!!

    I also love the educational presents...did you hint to Grandpa and Grandpa?

    I didn't realize our oldest were so close in age! (Jedi turned 9 in March) Sure wish we lived closer!

    Happy birthday to your sweet 9 year old and many blessings to him!

  2. Thanks Jamie! It would be wonderful if you lived closer!!

    Yes, my mom usually asks if there is something particular she could/should get my kiddos... (At Christmas it was a new sweater/coat each) She knows we don't have much room left in our home and wanted to make sure it was practical and would be used. =)

  3. I love the cake. Where did you find that golfer figurine. It looks retro!
    My kids are huge Liberty's Kids fans too. Why don't you come over and watch some with us? ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! Great cake! Good job! Next year he'll boast double digits, right where my baby is now. bawhahaha, time does fly all too quickly doesn't it? boohoo.

  5. Oh that would be fun, wouldn't it Charlotte! =)

    The golf figures came from Michaels actually. The golfer came in a little bag (from the cake decorating section) which also contained a few golf balls, greens and extra clubs.

  6. Goodness! I can't believe he is nine already! It is crazy! The cake is awesome, Jessica!!

  7. Great job, Jessica! You have a way of making your children's birthdays, and really every day special and memorable!

  8. Happy Birthday, Captain!! You sure have a way of bringing out the joy in life. Holy Spirit bless you, evermore!!

  9. Dear Jessica,
    isn't it fun to have these themed parties for the children. It is so interesting to look back and see what everyone was interested in that year. Great memories to be sure and a great job from you.
    God Bless
    Is the Laptop Geo safari game very good? Is it worth the cost of shipping here?


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