Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Highlights ~ The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

~ Ring Bearer and Flower Girl ~
You'd never know that Chiquita's flowers had been forgotten and that her bouquet was actually a couple "extra" corsages that I tied together at the very last second, would you? ;)

~ Lighting the Candles ~
Mother of the Bride ~ Mother of the Groom

~ Trying to Smile ~
Chiquita was very nervous and so thankful to have her big brother at her side.

~ Awaiting the Bride ~

~ Brian and Meagan ~

~ The Newly Married Couple ~

~ Dad & Mom with the Bride & Groom ~

~ Another Family Picture ~

~ Uncle Paul with my Girls ~

~ A Couple More of my Favorite Photos ~


  1. That cannot be your mom........or can it? You have her smile all right so it must be her. She looks like one of her young daughters, honest! Amazing family you have, simply amazing! Those children are absolute dolls too! They should be on a magazine cover! Thanks for sharing with your blog families! God bless.

  2. Yes, that is my mom. My mom was 21 when she and my dad were married, and I was born 9 months later (to the day!). Mom is 52 now and Dad just turned 54. I have young parents. =) In fact, our oldest is just 4 years younger than my youngest brother.

  3. How fun! It looks like it was wonderful! And your kiddos looked adorable!

  4. Beautiful family, beautiful wedding! I just love weddings.

    Blessings your brother and his new bride!

  5. With all said, cannot overlook (and almost did) how lovely the wedding couple looked. Very handsome brother and beautiful bride! What a wonderful and memorable occasion. Don't you just love weddings? Well, not planning for them, but attending them sure is wonderful :) lol!

  6. Hey Jessica... great wedding. I wish the newly wed a great happy fun-filled life ahead. You look amazing, and so does all your little ones and hubby too. You have a charming family, your parents and siblings... its like picture perfect :)

  7. Wow! What fun big families are; it makes every event into a party! The wedding looks beautiful and your children look amazing in their wedding attire! Congratulations to the newly married couple!

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous bride! Your brother is also quite handsome.

    I think you all looked great.

    Congrats to the cute couple.


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