Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Highlights ~ The Reception

The reception was held in my parents back yard.
My parents have a gorgeous home (which was built by my dad) on 10 beautiful acres. It was covered in trees, brush, and poison oak when they bought the property about 18 years ago... Twelve children can come in pretty handy. ;)

The food was DELICIOUS!!!
In fact, I am still craving more of that yummy tri-tip and pasta salad! Yummmmm!!!

My parents are both from large families (My dad is one of 9 and my mom is one of 13). Unfortunately, very few of their siblings were able to make it due to the distance and other circumstances... A few of my dad's siblings were able to make it and it was SO NICE to see them!!!

Aunt Shannon, Me, Uncle Kelly

My Mom with my Dad's two sisters

Aunt Bridget, Uncle Kelly, My Dad, Aunt Shannon
(Shannon and Bridget are the oldest and youngest in my dad's family with 7 boys in between!)

~ The Guest Book ~
Their photographer put together an amazing guest book filled with some of Brian and Meagan's engagement photos. This is a picture of the cover...

~ Dancing ~
Some of the children danced more than others. ;)

~ The Cake ~
At about 9:30pm I asked my brother if they were planning on having cake... Yep, leave it to the oldest sister with pregnancy cravings to make sure the cake is served. ;) They had completely forgotten to set up the cake and the caterers were now gone. I found a few helpers and quickly converted one of the food tables to a cake table and called them over to cut the cake. It was very simple looking, but SO YUMMY!!!

I still can't believe that Brian is married now! He was only 13 when hubby and I were married nearly 10 years ago... We are so happy for them both and my children are hoping that God will bless them with children soon so that they can have some cousins that live nearby! =)


  1. Such a beautiful couple and wedding! May God bless them in their marriage for always!

  2. What a wonderful family you all have! Talk about blessings multiplying ! God is so wonderful in His plans!

  3. I love seeing your large extended family... my "big" family (everybody was always shocked that my parents had FOUR KIDS, oh the horror! ;) with only four kids (and my dad being one of five kids) was lots of fun to grow up in, so I can imagine how much more fun it would be in a truly large family!

    I noticed the name on the guest book... I'm a Murphy too! My dad's mother was a Murphy. Good Irish blood!

  4. What a beautiful family! May God continue to shower down his blessings!!!!

  5. I have always imagined our children having the reception in our beautiful backyard. Just as this was. First we have to move to that beautiful spot though.
    All the previous photos are lovely.
    You look very happy, your smile is very engaging.
    God Bless

  6. I loved this post. How fun! Your parents' backyard looks gorgeous.

    Funny story about the cake. Good thing you remembered!


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