Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Highlights ~ Getting Ready

Here is a picture of my brother with his Groomsman and Ring Bearer.
In the front row, on either side of Brian, are two more of my brothers and Rascal.

I was lucky enough to snatch a picture with my brother and Dad just before the wedding.
They both looked so handsome!

The very excited Flower Girl and Ring Bearer...
...anxiously awaiting the wedding to begin.

It is not often that we have an opportunity to have someone take a picture of our family...
...and next to IMPOSSIBLE to get one with everyone smiling/looking at the camera. This is as close as we could get! =)

It is also really hard to get ALL of my parents 12 children together in one place.
This photo is just missing Jamie since she lives across the country and had just delivered the newest grandchild/niece a couple days before the wedding.

**I do have more photos to share from the wedding and reception, but first I need to go make my children breakfast. I'll be back soon!!


  1. What a beautiful family! And look at your mother! Gorgeous! After 12 kids?! Wow! I'm only guessing that's your mom because she's next to your dad. Otherwise, I'd think she were one of the kids! Great pictures of you, too! Very nice picture of you and your hubby and kids. God bless.

  2. What a beautiful and handsome looking family group you are! How did you ever find those little tiny dark dress up pants for that little guy? Amazing! You sure have it altogether! God Bless!

  3. Thank you!

    Yes, my mom DOES NOT look like she has had 12 children. =) lol!

    Snuggles black pants are actually hand-me-downs from his oldest brother. They are black cords from the Christmas line at Gymboree. Gymboree carries them every year and I LOVE them!

  4. Beautiful pictures Jessica!! I love how you matched your family to go with the wedding party! (assuming the color is that bright green?) Your dress is beautiful too!!

  5. Looks like you got some great shots! The one with all the guys is great and all your siblings! I bet Jamie really wishes she could have been there.

  6. What a beautiful family. Yah.. your mother is just have great genes! God bless them all!


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