Thursday, June 4, 2009

Small Successes: June 4, 2009

  1. After washing and drying 7 loads of laundry yesterday, and then 2 more this morning, I am completely caught up with our laundry! In addition to those loads, I had an additional 5-6 which had been washed over the weekend and never put away. (It was a super busy weekend!) It feels so nice to be caught up once again!

  2. Rascal's tuxedo arrived!!! (He will be the ring bearer in my little brother's wedding later this month.) I couldn't be happier that it is really nice, only cost $30.65 (including shipping and insurance), and FITS!

  3. After receiving a few emails asking what we are planning to study this coming year, I finally started posting our plans beginning with World History. Since there are SO many wonderful programs to choose from, and since every family (and child within each family!) is so different, there really isn't a "perfect" program. I am just sharing what seems to work for us. Plus, posting our plans seems to help me stay a little more organized. ;) I'll be posting more soon!

What are your Small Successes this week?

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  1. After reading the part about all the laundry, I was wondering if the smell of laundry detergent makes you sick right now? It does to me and it did my last pregnancy, too. Maybe it's just the really perfumey kinds that get to me. I have to hold my breath when I'm dumping it in.

  2. wow, i wouldnt call getting all the laundry done a small success! that's a biggie.

  3. I can't do clothes detergent with scent anymore. I have to buy the all ree and clear or use my own made up detergent.

  4. Laundry seems to multiply faster than germs, lol. Congratulations on a huge effort.
    Hope you get a bit of a break from it now.

    God Bless,
    Elena :)

  5. Laundry is currently in progress over here and my washer/dryer are roaring into service. Today is change our bed sheets and bathroom towels day. Off for a hot cuppa something deliciously wafting through my air (coffee). :-) Congratulations on all your nominations, you deserve them all Jessica. Hugs!

  6. Actually I seem to do fine with Laundry soap... We have a front loader and it really doesn't use that need that much detergent which is nice. I use Tide HE and it doesn't seem to have that strong of a smell... In the past I used a variety of soaps that were all natural and scent free, but they ended up causing my pipes to fill will a bacteria which resulted in a flooded laundry room last summer and eventually a new machine. :( From then on I have just stuck with Tide (for High Efficiency machines) with no problems! =)

    On the other hand, the smell of bathroom cleaners make me REALLY sick! I can't even go into the bathroom after it has been cleaned till it has time to air out. My husband took over cleaning the bathrooms when I was pregnant with our first few, and he now does that most of the time! =) Though they really need it right now, and he has been so busy, so I may cover my mouth and nose and try to get it done. ;)

  7. Laundry is done. YIPPEE! I love it when all the clothes are washed and put away.


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