Thursday, June 11, 2009

Small Successes: June 10, 2009

  1. We made it past the 11th week point of this pregnancy! Deo Gratias!!

  2. I've made great progress in preparing for the coming year (Wreath II) of Little Flowers! I've finalized our schedule and have ordered ALL the craft supplies (craft kits from Oriental Trading) I will need for this year. (I've decided to add another craft to each meeting, in addition to the notebook pages.) I do still need to get more glue sticks, but I will wait till the Back to School sales to purchase those.

  3. I painted a few more Wooden Saints.

What are your Small Successes this week?

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  1. CONGRATS on the precious baby on the way...yeah Life! So thrilled for you!

    Love your list, and thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Wow, 11 weeks! Each week feels like a milestone, doesn't it? I am just a few weeks apart from you. I hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy!

  3. I've enjoyed the Little Flowers plans you have shared this past year and look forward to the coming year!

    Is there a website or other resource where I can learn more about the Little Flowers organization? I am hoping to find something in a few years for my girls that can completely take the place of Girl Scouts, something that has service projects, camping, fundraising, badges, etc...

  4. Erin ~ In the top menu of my blog I have a category for Little Flowers. If you click on that link, it will take you to a post which has the links you are looking for, as well as others.

    The girls do earn "badges" (petals), to add to their "wreath" of flowers for the year, by completing (or doing their best to complete) a list of assignments each month.

    In addition to the assignments for each virtue, there is also a "Medal Project" (which would fall under service projects) For example: When they are working on "Love of Neighbor" the medal project for the month is "Adopt a grandparent from the local nursing home and visit them at least once a week for the next four weeks. OR Work 20 hours for a non-profit, Catholic organization such as the parish, diocese or Catholic Social Service."

    My group has not done any of the medal projects since they are so young. Nor have we done any fund-raising, etc... However, once we complete the 4 different wreaths, I plan on starting over and then adding all of these things in, since they will then be older.

    I do look at Little Flowers as a wonderful CATHOLIC alternative to Girl Scouts.

    I hope that helps! =)

  5. Would it be too much to ask which craft kits you purchased from Oriental Trading?


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