Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Plan 2009-2010: American History

In addition to studying World History this coming year, we will also continue to study American History as well. I've bounced back and forth over whether or not to continue studying both American and World History at the same time... I've decided that, for us, 3 years in between courses is just too long. Plus, my boys LOVE studying American History. Since it is their favorite subject, we will continue working through American History at a slow pace, when time allows.

We have finished reading the list of books from last year's plans. However, we never did get around to making the lap books I had hoped to make with the boys... Between the Advent, 12 Days of Christmas, 12 Commandments, Lenten, St. Patrick, and St. Joseph Lap books, my children, or more accurately I, was pretty much lap booked out! ;) (Looks like I never did get around to posting pictures of them all, did I?!) Anyhow, since they have been so very interested in learning more about the American Revolution, I have decided to loosely follow the wonderful history plans for Colonial America & The Revolution Period over at Serendipity this coming year with all of my children, as well as create an American Revolution Lap Book with the boys.

I ordered a few of the books off of the booklist, but I'm mainly going to stick with what we have and what I can borrow from our library. I sure wish that the suggested books for the "Geography Block" were available at our library, but they are not. :(

To simplify the Lap Book preparation, I ordered the Time Travelers: The American Revolution CD. It includes 11 different Lap Book projects, as well as so much more!

Another addition this year is History Through the Ages Record of Time. (I ordered one for each of the boys from Rainbow Resource.) I am really excited about this book! We have been creating a few simple wall timelines, as well as history notebooks, but I think it will be really nice to have a timeline in a durable book format for long term use. Plus, the children will easily be able to add names, dates, important events, figures/drawings for both our World History and American History studies at the same time, tying it all together.


  1. That timeline book looks great!! I will have to have a peek at yours sometime!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    We used the Serendipity lesson plans this year and will continue next year also. They are wonderful! We have some really beautiful work to show for it and the kids are very proud of it. We loved the geography. Our library had some of the Sleeping Bear Press books, I got a couple on ebay, but most of them my sister-in-law and I got through Interlibrary loan. Both our libraries have been wonderful about getting these books for us. You might be able to do the same.

  3. Sure thing Amy! =)

    Lisa ~ I looked into our Interlibrary loan program and apparently there is a $5.00 fee PER BOOK (whether they are able to obtain it or not...) So, unfortunately that will not be an option. =( I did place a book request though, and maybe if I am REALLY REALLY lucky our library system will order the books. After I submitted the form it said to check back in 4 weeks. We'll see!!


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