Monday, June 22, 2009

Note to Self:

The next time you go on a camping trip, and have an early morning ultrasound scheduled for the morning after you return, DO NOT lay down "for just a minute" thinking you will get back up to change into pajamas, brush your teeth, and set the alarm

**Thankfully, despite the fact that I woke up exactly 20 minutes before my appointment, with a 28 mile drive (which generally takes approx 35-40 minutes), I was only 15 minutes late and they agreed to still see me -- this time.  Whew!!   (I had jumped out of bed, grabbed my keys, slipped on some flip flops, and RAN out the door.)   It was so exciting to see our baby again, and everything still looks just perfect!   I'll try and get on later (after I've had a chance to shower and change from yesterday) to scan and post a few pictures of our precious little one due this Christmas.


  1. Oh No!!! I imagine that it is not the first time a pregnant woman almost slept through an appointment! At least they were understanding and I am so excited to know baby is doing well!

  2. Wasn't it a good thing that you didn't change into those pajamas? How many ultra sound techs have seen a pregnant mama come in with her bunny slippers on?

  3. It was DEFINITELY a good thing. Although I have seen lots of pregnant moms show up to their appointments with slippers on, I would rather not be one of them! =)


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