Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In Honor of St. Francis of Assisi

Last Wednesday we went to Marci's home for:

Summer with the Saints

She had decided to feature St. Francis of Assisi this time and the children all had a wonderful time! Here is an overview of our afternoon:

~ Coloring Pictures ~

Marci had this picture available for the children to color. I also love the one by Charlotte and the ones found in this book.

~ Making Holy Cards ~

~ Craft Time ~

~ Snack Time ~

Snacks were simple this week: Cookies, Raisins, and Punch. It made me laugh when Rascal said, "Look Mom! I made a smiley face with dried up lips!"

~ Group Photo ~

When we came home my children pulled out all of our books about St. Francis and we've been looking through them all week. I also keep getting asked if we can make some more Wolf Paw Cookies!

We have plenty to keep us busy for a few days:

St. Francis of Assisi ~ Pray for Us!


  1. Looks like it was a blast! I wish we could have gone. I know Daisy would have rather been there than getting that tooth pulled!!!

  2. Cute! The dried up lips thing made me laugh out loud. St. Francis of Assisi reminds me of a pretty little Tridentine parish in our city. ;)


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